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I am trying to get a class action together with [solicitor name removed by moderator] against Dwp for Pip maladministration as issues like lies by them,2 lots of decision makers decisions overturned by tribunal judges twice now..

I know there are others out there who have been similarly treated.If anyone is interested in trying for a class action against the Dwp please comment.I have approached [name removed] as they have a very good human rights record and excellent lawyers...funding will be the issue but if say 100 people applied for class action some would qualify for legal aid but owner occupiers would not due to legal aid being cut back in civil cases by the tories so if we can get together 100 to 500 people this would be an impact class action.

[name removed] are very competant in massive class actions and have a couple going already with around 600 people in other medically oriented medical class actions..with Pip claimants we have personal injury as well as disability rights Infringed...PI can be used as the extreme pressure you are unnecessarily put under can accelerate depression anxiety stress sleeplessness ocd also the maladministration in MRs not being properly done so tribunal judges overturn dwp decision makers plus the length of time it takes to get to and through tribunals then an 8 week wait afterwards to get your award,making the whole PIP assessment and points system they have not fit for purpose.

If interested just leave name and email and I will fwd to solicitors for consideration for class action against the DWP..have written to them with my own issues and stated class action would be a good way fwd as everyone's cases are all so similar having to put up with their lies and maladministration..so personally feel class action is the way fwd..Thanks..


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    If you are able to garner all of the support needed and then run with it you are a much fitter person than I am and I don't get a PIP award!

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    At my first interview for PIP which happened at my house. I was interviewed by an occupational therapist working for Capita.
    Who had not even heard of 3 of the conditions that I suffer from and that neurology pain is part of the nervous system breaking down ,, but hey she interviewed me, my partner who is a nurse filled her in on the technical stuff and help explain my difficulties.
    We expected to get PIP as we filled all the criteria. When we eventually got notice of refusal and read this persons written account of the interview it was a load of bull outright lies. I then researched the Law on Misrepresentation and spoke to my solicitor friend who told me to right to the DWP asking for the ladies details who had interviewed me as I need to give them to my solicitor who is looking into the Misrepresentation act of 1967 because she was in total breach of this law , this letter and a supporting letter from my MP turned the decision round in my thoughts,, I know of others who after interview have read a totally different account to the evidence they originally gave. This is not just unfair its Criminal !!
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    Are you actually being serious?
    The report is NOT a statement of fact it is merely an opinion based on best judgement. Your window cleaner, the local butcher and the newsagent could also give you the same!

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    Hi @Activist

    Thank you for sharing this with us. For confidentiality reasons we do not share our personal information in the community. Please read our guidelines
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    Anyone else seeking Pip judicial reviews??
  • Pippa_Alumni
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    Hi @Activist, I appreciate your situation and think it's great that you're being proactive in trying to challenge things. However, it is not appropriate for our members to share their personal details with you on this online, public forum. 

    Regardless, I wish you all the best with your case!


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