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My PIP stopped 2017

Mandyat63 Member Posts: 2 Listener
I have had Cancer 3 times, ovarian 2013, Bowel 2014,Bowel again 2015. Unfortunately the cancer has left me with chronic pain, the pain clinic have told me I will have too learn too cope with the pain, easier said than done. I also suffer with Asthma. In 2017 PIP decided I no longer was entitled too it, this happened after my last assessment where the woman said that my breathing was fine, she had kept me and my daughter waiting for about 15 mins so my breathing was ok, plus my eye contact was good, yes it was because I was bought up too look who you are talking too in the eye. Cancer has taken my life away, I no longer can go out too socialise, I go out about once or twice a fortnight for shopping, which my friend has too come with me, and I get a taxi home, then the gentleman always takes my shopping too my front door. Because I no longer get PIP I'm not entitled too a carer, so I rely on my daughter who works full time so can't do as much as she wanted too do. I have a friend who will do my shopping and a bit of cleaning for me, but she is 74yrs old and I really don't like relying on her. I struggle alot around my home, can't use the cooker, have had too get stool off of OT for shower and kitchen. Have trouble getting out the shower,and getting myself dressed. To me PIP have ignored all this and I'm getting worse not better. I'm on alot of medication which makes me drowsy. I no longer can work due too pain and my meds. I cry alot because of how sad my life has become, I'm on medication for depression. I never asked for cancer but I feel PIP are punishing me for having it. I'm going too court on the 28th of Feb appealing on PIP"s decision. I'm so worried I will loose the appeal, I don't no how I will cope. My friend is coming with me. I've been advice too get a support worker does anyone think this is a good idea?? I'm sorry I've gone on and on but I needed for you too see wat I'm going through, mandy63


  • Pippa_Alumni
    Pippa_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 5,798 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @Mandyat63, and a warm welcome to the community!

    Thanks for sharing this with us, and I'm so sorry things are tough at the moment. You're among friends here, and I hope we can help. 

    Have you had a needs assessment recently to see if there's any more support you could be eligible for? It may also be worth asking your GP about social prescribing, and perhaps a referral to a pain clinic.

    Wishing you all the best with your tribunal. Scope have some online guidance which could help you prepare. It may be short notice, but it may be worth looking at Advicelocal to see if there's any local help you could access. Hope this helps, and please do keep us updated!
  • wildlife
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    Hi @Mandyat63 I just want to try and reassure you that from what you say the tribunal will have plenty of evidence that you need more financial help then you're currently getting. They will not judge you as a person their job is to look at your evidence with an independent view point and will ask questions just to clarify any further information they need  to make the right decision. I don't want to say what might happen because I don't know, but my son had a PIP assessment some years ago where he got 0 points. I went to tribunal with him and the panel had already made their decision before we went in. He ended up with 48 points. Unfortunately the early part of the PIP process often makes us feel downtrodden and demoralized so we expect that to carry on right to the Tribunal but remember they are only deciding whether the original decision to deny you PIP was correct and from what you have told us it was not. Keep us up to date. You will get lots of support here even if it's to have a good moan that's fine. 


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