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Hello Everyone,

So Sorry to hear about the terribly traumatic ordeals, I'm reading in disbelief.

I can completely relate to you all.

It seems as if they have dismissed all medically trained Assessors and replaced them with a bunch of Interrogators from Guantanamo Bay willing to inflict as much pain and suffering required , by any means possible

How conisdental that they have decided to afflict this behaviour and  roll out the cruel and hennous benefit Universal Credit, whilst all eyes are under the Brexit Negotiations .

My ordeal started 1 year ago, having not left the house in 9 months, I was told to attend an assessment.
On the morning of my assesment I had a migraine having 3 nights of no sleep due to  Mum having an emergency life saving operation which we was told she had 50 / 50 survival rate.
Thank heavens she pulled through, so even though it was a stressful prospect I held the thought that nothing could effect me any more.

Mum had organised a chaperone who is a mental health professional, I wanted to reappoint but didn't want to stress mum out, so I adhered to plans

Whilst waiting for my assessment my chaperone was keeping me calm with breathing excersises.
I was wearing an eye pack which is the only thing that helps migraines as daylight was so painful.
On encountering us, the Assessor , starred at us as if we was completely over acting, looking up and down at me and even rolling her eyes.

I have never felt so small in all my 40 yrs.
When entering the assessment room my chaparone introduced herself , and she immediately shot her down and told her not to speak. 
It was if she was revealing in her power over us.
Every single answer was met with an interrogation until I provided something detrimental to me that she could manipulate.
One of my conditiins fibromyalgia , was met which such ignorance it was breathtaking, st one point raiding her voice and shouting ' Where is the Pain'.

She questioned me over and over about an eating disorder I haven't talked about since 18, It was as if I was being violated.
It upset me so much I started to cry.
 At great length to conceal it, she then embarrassed me more bringing attention to it and loudly stating 'Is that a tear '?

After that the assessment was over from my perspective.
I was talking complete gibberish and replying in whatever way pleased her.

My chaparone stated she wanted to requesta break but was fearful of the implications for me.
On route home it slience, both of us trying to comprehend what we had just witnessed, only saying that it would be a long time for her to get over it, let alone me.

I've not gone out since and was ill for months after, not even able to discuss it until now.  
Even though I tried to reason that it's just a process everyone has to go through and there are ignorant people out there,mental health doesn't work like that.
I just felt so embarrassed and violated, going over the whole experience time and time again. Did I do or say something wrong.

When I received my feedback it was like looking at someone else's assessment, stating nothing about an eating disorder and even saying I prepare ready meals, even though I've never eaten a ready meal in my life
I received No points for anything.

Sorry  I've gone on a bit there ,, but the lies are so infuriating.

What I was wondering was whether to mention the lies and terrible experience whilst filling out my form for tribunal hearing.
I am currently filling out the SSCS1 form.
My chaparone is willing to write a letter too.
She I include it? Or does it come a cross as bitter for having ESA terminated.
Also should I included a backdated sick note from doctor? 
Is there anything else I could ask my doctor for as she is willing to help.

These assessments aren't recorded which I find amazing.

Just would like to say Thankyou for all advice and support I've gained on here.
I felt completely alone until I read or the horrific experiences others are also facing.
Many Thanks and Good luck to anyone appealing against these Immoral Rogues. 



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