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awaiting the decision on PIP

lloydydlloydyd Member Posts: 18 Listener
edited February 2019 in PIP, DLA and AA
I joined as I had a silent stroke in 2016 and have just applied for PIP and had the assessment so I am now playing the waiting game...nervous times....The stroke didn't affect my face or arms and I have free movement. It is a cumulative effect and as such, I have trouble walking distance (can manage 20/50M on a good day but have to stop due to dizziness and have fallen on various occasions), I suffer with Depression and anxiety (having a stroke pre 40 years will do that I guess).

I also struggle with daily things such as cooking and managing finances due to this. I am not overweight but I did smoke, but still, being told you have had a stroke was quite the shock. Since having this, I have struggled with bad depression and it knocked my confidence to do "normal" things like meeting people, speaking on the phone and going out on my own...other daily things like make meals (cant do it anymore as the stroke has massively affected my short term memory). The last time I made something at home, my wife came home to find the over on fire as I had left the food in there, forgotten I had done it and went outside....now, I cant prepare food or anything...Feel like a complete idiot. I have a degree is psychology and to not be able to prepare or make a simple meal or even work out change etc. is very demeaning.

But I am grateful that the stroke didn't affect my face or arms to the extent of other people I know...grateful for the little things....Sorry to ramble...Now awaiting the decision on the PIP....


  • Antonia_AlumniAntonia_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 1,781 Pioneering
    Welcome to the community @lloydyd

    Thank you for sharing this with us. I can understand, this new adjustment takes time so please do not be to hard on yourself. 
    You may be interested in our physical/mobility impairments discussions  and our PIP, DLA and AA discussions.

    Please keep us updated. ;)
  • thor14thor14 Member Posts: 39 Connected
    Hi lloydyd, I wish you all the best for your pip decision, so sorry to hear what happened to you. I am also waiting on my pip decision & it’s extremely stressful, I cannot think of anything else at present  other than waiting on that brown env. Which is just dragging me down, which i’m Sure you feel the same way.
  • lloydydlloydyd Member Posts: 18 Listener
    Hi Thor, I do feel the same way. I have never claimed anything before, so really didnt know what to expect...Certainly not a nice feeling....You just never know if you have scored enough to make your life that little bit easier...I got the text saying around 6 weeks for the decision, but Im not going to hold my breath....
  • thor14thor14 Member Posts: 39 Connected
    Hi lloydyd, i have been waiting 4 wks now & last wk I got a letter to say that it was with the decision maker, so I am hoping any day now. 
  • lloydydlloydyd Member Posts: 18 Listener
    I got a text saying they have all the info and wait should be 6 weeks...I could ring and ask for a copy, but to be honest, I dont think my nerves can take seeing a negative and not being able to do anything about it until the actual decision came through, so I am just going to hang tight...keep in touch buddy, always handy to have a listening ear from someone who is going  through similar....
  • thor14thor14 Member Posts: 39 Connected
     Hi lloydyd,Yes your definitely right, I have just learnt that my local post office will b going on strike for a few days so I know that i’m not going to receive anything before now & next Tuesday. It all seems to be a waiting game. I actually do feel like ringing aswell but i’m Just thinking the same way as yourself. I will certainly keep in touch.
  • timmyy22timmyy22 Member Posts: 20 Connected
    I applied for pip first time on 16th January 19. 

    Received a letter from independent assessment services on 12th February 19 saying 'we are independent assessment services. We conduct personal independence payment assessments for dwp. Our job is to help dwp understand how your health condition or disability affects your daily life.

    One of our health professionals has looked at the information you sent to dwp. We're writing to let you know that we've asked for further information from people involved in your treatment or care.

    We've done this to make sure the assessment report we send to dwp about your case is fair and accurate.

    Once we've got the further information we've asked for, our health professional may be able to finish your assessment report for dwp without having to see you in person.'

    Then got a text on 18th February 19 from dwp saying 'We've received the written report of your PIP assessment. We will write to you once we've made a decision on your PIP. As a guide you should hear from us within 6 weeks. You don't need to contact us unless any of the details you gave us have changed. Thank you.'

    Called independent assessment services on same day as text and they say no f2f needed.

    I only sent them a doctor's report with my pip form so wondering why no f2f.

    I suffer from depression ,anxiety and chronic dsh.

    Any info would be welcome thanks
  • lloydydlloydyd Member Posts: 18 Listener
    Hi Tim, I would put that on the main page as a separate post. I know some on here have had similar, but most do have to have a F2F, with any luck they might award based on the evidence...
  • thor14thor14 Member Posts: 39 Connected
    Hi,Timmyy22, that all seems very quick & good that you didn’t need a f2f, My opinion it looks very promising for you. Good luck.
  • timmyy22timmyy22 Member Posts: 20 Connected
    Thanks for the reply guys and I have put it on main page.

    I do hope it's good news just surprised no f2f for first time pip.

    I'll keep updating.
  • thor14thor14 Member Posts: 39 Connected
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