Mental health issues
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Mental Health Assessment Question

GeraldGerald Member Posts: 214 Pioneering
Hi all just asking if someone to help with this question about Mental Health how the assessment is done as this is how I did it about info to send as to this I'm did this sent in as I did this as its in the reports that were sent to them with my PIP Claim form from the Mental Health Team who come to see me at home  And my Specially Trained Counselor who I see weekly plus my medication and it still did not count in the eyes of the assessor so how much more do they need and that is how come I'm going to the tribunal after the report from my assessor it was a total joke has to the problems i have he  as asked if I can drive and read signs the problem is that I do not drive now as with my physical problems with disabilities which I tell the assessor about and suffer from severe depression and anxiety and in the reports but the assessor put know problems as I drove in the past so know mental health problems I just cannot work it out how they come to that decision or is it me being wrong about it. From Gerald Thank you     


  • michfinchmichfinch Member Posts: 173 Pioneering
    I’ve come to the conclusion with Mental Health issues we don’t tick all the PIP boxes. Just ask as many people to write letters - your Dr too, Soecialist etc. I’m nowhere near the end of the road - and as an Epileptic, I’m trying not to get wound up, but I’m just chipping away and pointing out where they’ve misheard me or just interpreted things the way they want them to be. Anyway, good luck and happy to share my next round of experiences from Monday’s meeting... ESA or UC I think this one is!!!
  • GeraldGerald Member Posts: 214 Pioneering
    Thanks for that michfinch all the best with Monday hope you get it sorted out good luck.
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