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mini1 Member Posts: 13 Connected
edited February 2019 in PIP, DLA, and AA
Hi all, my disability is spine related after accident in 1998 ,In 2001 I was awarded the high rate DLA for life, and Being strong minded I kept working up till my 4th operation in 2018 all of my operations have been emergency to help keeping me walking and to stop me going paralyzed from the neck,  
In 2017 I was sent for a pip assessment my high rate was reduced at the time I was working so I didn't appeal , 
But my condition deterated a quickly and badly I ended back under the knife another emergency operation another long scare, but this one I've haven't recovered for my limbs don't respond ,
So my wife said you should apply and get your high rate back, so this is what I did with, I applied and completed the forms in December 2018, 
Just after Xmas I noticed vehicles outside my daughter's house and at the end of my street always someone sitting in them I always pop in to see my mother twice a week I noticed the same vehicles outside her care home, through the week I would pick my daughter up and collect the grand children from school, same vehicles in the same school car park, I said to my daughter I'm thinking Im getting fallowed, she replied don't be daft , but the same activity continued then I noticed them walking around my property so me being me I started to give them names,
Black penguin
Mrs muffin
Timmy mallet 
Mr & Mrs pop up 
My wife and daughter thought I was going nuts they're did not believe me,
Assessment day me and my wife sitting in the waiting room, I turn and said to my wife them on reception on operating the cameras outside and recording everyone that's coming into this building and passing the footage onto a assessor,   So I said asked the receptionist why are people asked to bring in ID when you already have video of us all,  I've noticed everyone person ID shown to you that none of you actually checked or looked, because you to busy with them cameras, 
As the assessor came into reception to collect the footage I start pointing them out to my wife told her these are the people that has been fallowing me about  and that I've given them names, 
Interview room 
I was asked questions like 
Do I have a pet 
Was I in dept 
Have I ever thought of killing myself 
Do I have drugs problem
Can you wipe your own bum 
Is they're any thing you should be telling me 
She wasn't interested in any medical in put

Before the end of the interview I told her that  I had seen her before ( she replied no way you seen me before with a very red face ) before I could say any more she got up rushed out the door we fallowed she shouted to the people on reception order these people a taxi, 
Later on the same day I was on my way to see my mother when this black range rover pulled out in front of me causing me to brake sharply it pulls up of side my mothers care home, I thought to myself I've got nothing to hide and I will not hide me disability so video me, 
The next day my daughter asked if I would sit in with her for a driving lesson as she on my vehicle insurance, so off we go on a motor way this vehicle tale_gating us my daughter started to flap almost causing her to crash our car, I told my daughter to pull into a one way dirt track, I told her that  it's the DWP fallowing me, then this vehicle came behind us , I asked my daughter to take us home, She starting crying and said I'm sorry for not believing you and she couldn't stop shaking she said dad I don't want to drive any more, can you take over, 
I was so mad I phone the DWP contractors and told them of what had happened and they were out order and that my daughter is sitting in the room in tears, and I don't care if you want to sit on my doorstep all night I am disabled , but when you put people lives in danger that's totally wrong, 

Note DWP contactors are investigators nothing else (once you ) complete a pip form you will be  added  to they're   hit  list  (eye_spy) 


  • Antonia_Alumni
    Antonia_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 1,781 Pioneering
    Hi @mini1

    Thank you for sharing this with us. I am sorry to hear about this. This must have been difficult to deal with, have you had another assessment since then?
  • mini1
    mini1 Member Posts: 13 Connected
    Hi thank you for that reply, But I'm 100% , The person that did the pip assessment on me was the same person that has and did fallow me, I would stand up in court to prove this, please note my job that I had to give up through my disability was working in a security place and government vetted,...Paul...


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