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Claiming PIP for Severe Anxiety. *Long* Sorry!

Hollyflynn22 Member Posts: 10 Listener
Hi guys
My name is Holly and i am 20.
I have currently been on Citlalopram (Anti depressant) for my anxiety for just over 2 years now. 
Everything in my life is a daily challenge and it's so hard to cope with my situation.

I stay at home most of the time on my laptop and don't really have a social life, The only time i will go out is with my mother either to the doctors or to the counselling sessions and the careers advice people i see. 

Anxiety basically runs my life. Ever since i was age 11 i have had this and it just seems to get worse every single year. 
The simplest things, such as going to the corner shop scare me so much i will spend at least 45 minutes preparing myself to go... 
Travelling alone is not possible as when i do this, my heart pounds and i stutter and get hot flushes. Even at the shop near me.

I cross the road when someone is walking towards me to avoid contact, I will find every single excuse to delay things, or not go out, or say "i'll ring them tomorrow" which i never do! 

I am unemployed at the moment and finding a job is a task that isn't even possible, as every job i have the fear gets so bad as the last job i had, every shift i cried before leaving to go work and wouldn't be able to stop shaking or have the "butterfly" feeling in my stomach.

Things such as, going on a bus, going out with friends, clubbing, going on a train *or any public transport* going to events, meeting new people, speaking to strangers is a no go for me as i just can't do it. 

Going out anywhere by myself is a nightmare, when i'm out i have this constant reminder that i'm going to be made fun of, or everyone is staring at me, or that someone will say something about what i'm wearing and it will trigger by depression! 

I also left College half way through my year as i kept missing classes, if i was late i would choose not go in the class instead of going in late and everyone staring at me. 

I have to be reminded to eat food, bathe and have someone help me make food, even if i have instructions i still can't do it?

My life is a mess and now i'm hopefully going to try and apply for PIP. 

Any advice?

Thank you :( 


  • Mfarrell
    Mfarrell Member Posts: 12 Listener
    Hi Hollywood sorry to hear husband your anxiety is.I am new to this site my name is Margaret I am 62 years old and I completely understand what you are going through.I have suffered from anxiety and depression from age 11/12 button are not alone.I found the book (Self Help For Your Nerves) very helpful It is written by Clare Weeks.I hope you can get a copy,much respect 
  • Mfarrell
    Mfarrell Member Posts: 12 Listener
    Sorry Holly that should read (about your anexiety) m
  • Hollyflynn22
    Hollyflynn22 Member Posts: 10 Listener
    Hi @Mfarrell

    Dont worry I am new too 

    thank you so much for commenting on my post, it feels really nice to see I am not the only one struggling out there. 

    I hope you get to manage your anxiety and depression, if can be an awful thing 

    i will surely check that book out! 

    Thank you for the recommendation :) 
  • Mfarrell
    Mfarrell Member Posts: 12 Listener
    You are most welcome I'm sure you are a lovely young lady with lots to offer this world.don't be afraid to tell That Anxiety to leave you alone.I talk to it when my head is so full of panic,I say funny things like (do go away I am to busy right now) then I have a little smile to myself ?good luck  speak again soon


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