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Help finding work

Tinanicoll Member Posts: 1 Listener
edited March 2019 in Work and employment
 Hi, I'm a mum and carer of my 21year old daughter, she has autism and ADD, she has completed two years at Southend college and has two deplomas in hospitality and catering, she is currently doing a supported internship in a local restaurant and will finish in June, meanwhile I am looking for work in the catering industry too and finding it hard to get back into work having spent most of 21 years being a stay at home mum. I want my daughter to be given a full time job at the end of her training but there are no guarantees. I am finding it difficult to find work but it seems so much harder for anyone with a learning or physical disability to be treated with dignity or respect. My daughter has worked so hard to achieve her goals in life and should be awarded accordingly. I am on my own with my daughter and we could lose everything if both of us cannot find work soon, unfortunately we cannot live on fresh air and everything cost money, we need help, thank you for reading this,
Mrs T Nicoll



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