Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
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Back to incapity benefit not esa

Matthewsheehy24Matthewsheehy24 Member Posts: 72 Courageous
They should go back to IB at least you knew where you stood on medical get 15 points or more and you can’t do anything.Esa your not fit to work but you can look to try and get back in to work.If you can’t work you surely not well enough to look for work.Dwp just like stressing people it looks like especially with how many people have to go tribunal.


  • miraclemiracle Member Posts: 22 Connected
    Totally agree. I have been off work for four and a half years. In September 2014, i had my left kidney removed, because i had a malignant tumor growing on my left kidney. 8 weeks post-op, i went to see the kidney specialist, because i was not recovering properly, from my operation. I went for a blood test, which revealed that i had got a massive calcium deficiency in my body. I was put on 20,000iu Vitamin D tablets for 3 months. Since this time, i have seen numerous specialists at the hospital, because my body, has got weaker and weaker. I recently went to see a Rheumatologist , who gave me a thorough examination, x-rays and blood test. I received a letter from Rheumatologist, to tell me that i have osteoarthritis in my shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, lower spine (MRI scan) and knee joints. All these problems stop me in my tracks. As soon as i stand up, i am in severe pain, but also i am in pain, even when sitting. As you can see, this limits me massively, of the things i can and cannot do. So, in 2015, i went for a "face to face" assessment for ESA. Because of my problems, i was put in the Support Group. Low and behold, 2 weeks ago, i received the form, ESA50, which i filled in, and sent off. I had a letter back, from the DWP, to say that i had to attend another "face to face" assessment, which i attended on 01/03/2019. I tried to be as calm and constructive as i could be, but it still does not stop you worrying, whether i will stay in the Support Group, or whether they will put me in the Wrag. I am that weak in my body, its as though my body is fighting against itself. Couple this, with the severe pain that i get, as soon as i stand up, and you can see why i am worried, to the point, that it is starting to stress me out. Should!nt the reports from the hospital, and GP, suffice. Why should disabled people, have to be put through this torment, especially when you know whats going on in your own body, and you know , that if you attempted to do some work, it would have a stressful affect, on your body. I try to do daily tasks, like washing the dishes, cooking a simple meal etc. But as soon as i stand up, and walk to the kitchen, i feel that weak, that my body feels that it is sinking to the floor. I have to lean on the work surface, just to alleviate the pain in my lower spine and knee joints. This should not happen, but it does. Many who have been through the same process, have committed suicide. This should not be the case. I just hope that one day, Ian Duncan Smith, has to go through the same process. My wish is, that the kind person at the DWP, has his or her hands handcuffed behind their back, and have both legs shackled at the ankles, with a short chain in between, and ask them to try and function like that, for 6 months. Then they might appreciate, what it is like, to be severely disabled.
  • Matthewsheehy24Matthewsheehy24 Member Posts: 72 Courageous
    MIracle the DWP are doing it to everyone.You got to fight it don’t give in that’s what they want you to do.Good luck on your recent medical.
  • miraclemiracle Member Posts: 22 Connected
    Thankyou for your comment Mathewsheehy24, I am a fighter. I worked in the coal mining industry for 27 years. i have worked in the building trade. I was an HGV driver for 6 years. And my present employer, whom i worked for 4 years, in heavy engineering, before i became ill. I have never stopped working, since i left school, aged 15. This is new territory for me. because i have always been used to being active. But now, my body has beat me. Even so, i will not let the .....ards, grind me down. All the best...Miracle.
  • Antonia_AlumniAntonia_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 1,781 Pioneering
    Hi @Matthewsheehy24 thank you for sharing this with us. Many of our members will be able to relate to this. Please keep us updated on how you're doing and if you have any questions. :)
  • Antonia_AlumniAntonia_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 1,781 Pioneering
    edited March 2019
    Hi @miracle thank you for sharing your story. How are you doing today?
    All the best with your outcome from your face to face assessment, please keep us updated. ;)
  • Matthewsheehy24Matthewsheehy24 Member Posts: 72 Courageous
    Miracle it’s so wrong you work all your life and pay in to the system.Now you try to get the benefits your in titled to and the DWP just like to put barriers and make your life a misery.Like you said they not going get you down that’s the way.All the best miracle.
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