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Design Project Feedback!

A few months ago I set about designing a prodcut to help wheelchair users in their day-to-day lives. I asked Scope members for some guidance and ideas. The feedback was so useful! An issue identified in the disscussion was that of reversing in confined space and that of general storage. The most obvious solution to the reversing issue was the use of a mirror (as suggested by @Apri54 - thanks!) My time in the workshop has culminated in the near completion of a prototype [as pictured] and I was hoping for some feedback. The box component can attach to any metal frame part of a wheelchair and can hold a phone - or anything else. On the side there will be a mirror, the height of which can be adjusted. At the momentnt I'm waiting for a hinge to be 3D printed to attach a mirror to the extending stalks (I'm hoping you'll forgive me and use your imagination!).
Any and all feedback (positive and negative) would be greatly appreciated.


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