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Moving without the support

I have fallen out with parents which is a complex why this happen.

I am in private rent flat which my dad is the guauntor. 

I am not greeting no local support apparently my disabilities snd learning difficulty is too good.

I want to start a fresh and hoping to get the support I need. To do need to move to another area which means private rent. 

My biggest problem I am on benefits and no guarantor no more. Also the only thing to take in mind for my disabilities, if there a shower where I don't have climb over a bath. 

Have any suggestions or any tips please 
Everyone has the right to have a say in what ever method they use


  • wilko
    wilko Member Posts: 2,457 Disability Gamechanger
    @Harp, using a bath board does and allows me to use a over the bath shower. I just sit on the board swing my legs over use the grab handles and stepping on to the bath matt take a shower. I had an acessment by the council OT arranged it and a handrail outside the house to aidgoing down steps.
  • thespiceman
    thespiceman Member Posts: 6,389 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @Harp   Pleased to meet you .  Thank you for sharing.

    Please can I advise you could move to a Housing Association property with supported housing.

    Have a look on line.

    Also speak to CAB for assistance regarding your housing issues.

    I know also if you need to talk about housing speak to your Council offices ask them what they have in form of support to help you guide you through anything.

    Understand your disability and difficulties you have.

    It is finding what is right for you.

    I know with my Housing Association there is assisted support if you apply.

    Please if I can advise further please keep in touch.

    Take care.

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  • Roddy
    Roddy Member Posts: 406 Pioneering
    Hi @Harp,  If your parents are not your landlord, you could approach you landlord to ask if they have any other rentable properties affordable to you. Provided that you have been a 'good Tenant' in their eyes, you could also ask them to provide you with a good letter of reference. This would hold you in a good place when/if you move to another landlord... This is only some additional  food for thought, as the advice given above by others is worth its weight in gold... Take care, Rodders.


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