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cher77 Member Posts: 95 Courageous
Hi all been diagnosed about 10 years ago with disc degernative disease but suffered other ailment along the way with pain in neck hips back ankles and pins and needles also numbness anyway been to pain management for chronic pain on Tuesday he's now saying I've got degernative fibromyalgia anyone else suffering and what are your symptoms also is it painful as I thought my pain was due to DDD 

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  • XenasMum
    XenasMum Member Posts: 27 Connected
    Hi @cher77 I was diagnosed 3 years ago but I haven't heard of degenerative 
    Yes my fybro can be painful it affects my legs the most but as I also have 4 stable fractures in my spine I do get a lot of pulled muscles and occasionally trapped nerves in my shoulders. I've got a pulled lateral muscle in my r shoulder which also goes round my shoulder blade too at the moment. Depends on how bad the pain is as to whether I change pain relief I don't often bother with the GP for things like this anymore as there's nothing they can really do.
    Good luck hun xxx 
  • mumof22018
    mumof22018 Member Posts: 43 Connected
    Yes im newly diagnosed started 14 months ago in shoulder with chronic migraine from then to now ìs all over in chronic pain hands and feet on fire swollen fingers that stiffen and lock muscle spasms that my upper body siezes havent had a day go by that im not in chronic pain and on  days i cant have anything touch me and if i rub certain parts of body eg spine some bones hands shoulders its like i have bruises umder skin as so painful i lose feeling in legs and arms prodomently laft side  i get migriane that causes blackouts and has made my ibs  and psorsis horrendous and i cant sleep much even with tablet àround 3 hrs 
    This only started 14 months ago while i was working full time now im on long term sick leave  i am on so much meds for fibro pain anxiety depression ibs bladder for sleeping and im still a mess but hopefully it will start to get better because atm i cant miss medication one day or il be bed bound for 2 days after and i get a new symptom every month nearly !!
  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 28,520 Disability Gamechanger
    Fibromyalgia is not degenerative. I was diagnosed 7 years ago by a Rheumatologist but it took them almost 3 years to find out what was wrong with me. I also have pernicious anemia and CRPS. To be officially diagnosed with fibro there's many tests you have to have first because it mimics other conditions too.

    Everyone is affected differently by these conditions but for me it affects my whole body from the tip of my toe to the top of my head. Swollen joints, fatigue, insomnia, extremely sensitive to touch, the list just goes on and on.
  • mumof22018
    mumof22018 Member Posts: 43 Connected
    Yeah but symptonmms can get worse as u no and more appear as i have had  but my rhumatologist is looking into connective tissue disorder and something else so i have to have more test i had all theì test done to diagnose me over a period of  14 months as he was also ruling out artheitis but  said even thlugh bloods show clear i need a scan as u can get arthritis woth a double negative that doesnt show in blood tests i have had extensive bloods done to rule out other things aswell by rhumatologist which all came back fine bar one which now warrents other tests but not joint related i have all the sy.ptoms plus tremors and paloatations that my heart rate was 170 what ever that means but was to high  but happens  everytime i get the muscle spasm and muscle siezures im awaiting more tests to see if i habe  now developed chrons duw to ibs becoming so severe and tes from head to toe hurts but every day i have specific parts worse then others and that changes everyday bar my left shoulder where it all started it is agony all time i cant lie on it or touch it  i look like i have 2 black sunken eyes i have lost so much weight my face has sunken in my muscles have now become very weak in my legs so i find it hard to walk steady at all and im nit proud so i use a walkin mg atick or crutches depending on how bad i am each day my hamds have such weak grip i contanrly drop things and the pain in my oalms hasnt went away from it started i try nmdoing small strenghtening exercises on a better day to stop the muscle weakening any more ie stress balls for hamds but my writing has got to point it looks lime a 4 yr old has written it and loss of feeling  in hamds and legs this hapoens every day   and all this in such a short time scale well i think its short from going to gym and swimming every week 
    Thrn the migrains which im told not related ive always had them but from the other symptoms started it got worse thrn few months later blackouts  so  am on list for doff things for it as these are frquent enough that it hapoened in supermarket and in work and at home wen i was able to cook while oven was on now i  need supervision most of tine its a nightmare !!! If i could just find 1 tablet that could help everything it would be fantastic instead of looking like a chemist lol but u learn to know ur limits i found out hard way and i hate being atuck in bed but we can try there is a fibromyalgia support group not far from  from where i live on once a month i found out on facebook in gumtree add so im going to join it and wenn its on if i am feeling ok that day im going to go i think it would be good for me i didnt no there was any groups or things lime that about and hopefully make new friends who umderstamd what u r goimg through 
  • Tra7cy
    Tra7cy Member Posts: 33 Connected
    Hi mumof22018, I have exactly the same symptoms plus brain fog and speech dyslexia (as I call it), I really think you should at least get a second opinion or change your doctor! A lot of docs don't believe in fibro same as ME.
    I have been diagnosed with L5 PARS defect, I turned down a spine fusion
    Joint hypermobility syndrome
    Rheumatoid arthritis
    Rhinitis ( soo I'm completely snotty all year)
    I've got a new rheumatologist, so now have to go through the same round of blood tests, scans etc again for the umpteenth time.
    I'm in a sleep coma for 4 or 5 days when my body and brain crashes then hyper for 3, then awake but in so much pain!!!
    I've been going through this, this bad for about 5 years, oh and had kidney failure 3 years ago ?
    Flu like symptoms started 2008 after I came from Egypt
    What I'm trying to say when I've finished rambling, is that you're not alone and there's someone here to chat to
    Add me we can moan at each other ?
    Ps connective tissue disorder, is part of joint hypermobility syndrome also tendonitis on every joint, if you were double jointed as a child I'd speak to your rheumatologist
    Most importantly keep your sense of humour
    Everybody thinks I'm a **** anyway, so I act more like a **** to cover the anxiety that I'm feeling
    But I only go out on my hyper days
    Else I sit on bed watch telly (shout at it), read and use my tablet
    I'm done now think ??
    Much love and delicate hugs xx
  • AnkyieSpon
    AnkyieSpon Member Posts: 138 Pioneering
    Hi, I just wanted to add that Fibromyalgia is not degenerative, it causes alot of pain but not damage like Osteoarthritis would. 
    (Ankyie Spon)
    I'm a Pain Warrior
  • cher77
    cher77 Member Posts: 95 Courageous
    Hi thanks for all your replies sorry didn't meant to put degenerative the degenerative is my back so my apologies for not noticing x


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