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Making A Change.

Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that as a Disabled person I have of last week become " The British Disabled SH2 Air Rifle Champion" I won the Gold Medal at the "British Open Air Gun Championships" Held at Bisley in Surrey at the end of February, So now I intend to move further on with my shooting ability and try to break into the International Shooting scene I have some up and coming competitions and I have also got the promise of some Sponsorship, So things are actually going great at the moment and I just wanted my fellow Disabled friends and you at Scope to know that even when you have gone through the darkness that there is always a chink of light and if you take that chink you can make it shine brighter for you and when you do you will feel so good so my advice is to take whatever opportunity you get and you give all your best and sometimes things can turn out for the best. Thank you all my fellow Scope friends.



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