Complaint against Capita

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Recently my DLA was stopped and I not awarded for PIP.
My problems - hearing loss and pains in legs.
PIP assessment was carried out in my house by Capita "health professional".
My assessment report missing information that I told during assessment, some information printed on report - wrong.
I contacted Capita with complaint against assessment process and assessment report errors.
Received an response to my complaint signed by Capita Senior Customer Relations Case Handler.
I was not happy with answer and placed second complaint.
Final response to my complaint was again signed by Capita Senior Customer Relations Case Handler.
They offered contact to Director of Pensions, Disability and Benefit Security in case if I not happy with final response to my complaint.
I contacted Independent Case Examiner, but they can't start process against Capita because I must receive final response from Capita Director General of Operations.
Anyone knows why Response to first complaint and  Final response to my complaint was signed by same person (Capita Senior Customer Relations Case Handler)?


  • Misscleo
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    Please keep us informed about what happens 
  • twonker
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    Sounds like they are sending you round the houses hoping that in time you will give up.
  • rbz
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    The Final response to my complaint was printed on plain paper sheets. All previous correspondence from CAPITA always was printed on Letter Headed Paper (with barcodes, each page ID numbers and etc.)
    At this moment I awaiting appointment to Citizens Advice Bureau. Hope CAB advisors tell me about further steps.