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Power assist on manual wheelchair

Hi everyone 
I need some advice I'm in a wheelchair full time IV been awarded enhance rate mobility with PIP 
I know I can get a powered chair with them but I want to keep active as much as I can and keep up with my children, I'm looking for a smart drive or a power assist unit I can control my self but I can't seem to find these on the motability scheme can any help or advise me where or if I can get one on motability 
Lady Jayne


  • Matt_Scope
    Matt_Scope Scope Navigate service Posts: 56 Pioneering
    I would suggest that you do an online search for the manufacturers and retailers of these as there are several and ask them directly about the possibility of going through motability to purchase one, they are the ones that supply, so they should know how it works.  good luck, hope you find one that suits.

  • CARL58
    CARL58 Member Posts: 178 Courageous
    @ladyjane hi CARL58 has a rascal power chair with captains seat headrest easy controller, automatic brakes has full maintenance and breakdown cover for 75 amth depending on what you require with motability.jen
  • Sam_Alumni
    Sam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,676 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @ladyjayne

    We cannot recommend any particular products but you can follow our Pinterest boards on:

    And here are a few links that might help :)
    • Disabled Living Foundation (DLF) provides guides for daily living. You can borrow simple electronic aids such as adapted phones and magnifiers for 2 weeks so you can see if the device works for you before buying it. (You only pay postage to return it and a refundable deposit.) The DLF also maintains the Living Made Easy website, a directory of assistive products, from clothing to personal care.
    • Independent Living gives unbiased advice about mobility aids and disability products.
    • The Research Institute for Consumer Affairs conducts research into products and services used by disabled people. Rica publishes free research reports covering many aspects of everyday life, from central heating controls to mobility.
    • Aidas Trust provides free and impartial advice and support on technology for disabled people.
    • Instructables allows users to upload step-by-step instructions on how to make technology accessible for disabled people.
    • Remap work with disabled people to tailor equipment to their needs and abilities, ranging from equipment to carry out everyday tasks to leisure and sports equipment that makes previously impossible abilities possible.
    • DEMAND Design and Manufacture for Disability can adapt, modify or make something completely new that suits your needs if your challenge cannot be solved with off-the-shelf equipment.
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  • ladyjayne
    ladyjayne Member Posts: 2 Listener
    Thank you everyone xx


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