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Hello every one the most questions I get asked is what type of Pasta should I use.

I thought like to share some simple tips.

Long types of Pasta like Spaghetti or Linguine.  Go well with Tomato Pasta sauces that are not heavy.

For example I use Spaghetti or Linguine with Meatballs. Plus sauce.

Tagliatelle or other egg based Pasta goes great with anything creamy .I use this with. Prawns, Seafood like sea food mix or  Mushrooms. 

In Ragu Sauces you can use Tagliatelle..

Tubes like Penne, Rigatoni or shapes like shells use with chunkier pieces of meat and vegetables.

Names translation 

Spaghetti means In Italian spago or string

Tagliatelle means to cut from the Italian tagliare.

Penne means pen as they look like nibs of old fashioned pens. As in quills or feather.

Farfalle means butterflies .

Fusilli looks like tight coils and springs.

Lumache means shells.  As does Conchiglie conch shells looks like.

Vermicelli means little worms.

Rigatoni are hollow tubes.

You get small versions of any of the above shapes. These are called Pastina for soup.

Now you know.

There are hundreds of new shapes made all the time.

I like the variety.

Use a bout six or seven different shapes.

Buon  Appetito


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