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I need some advice for daughter's flat feet

Traceyburrell Member Posts: 2 Listener
Hi ?, im joining your group as im looking for some answers/advice about my daughters flat feet.
Long story, short  
At 2 years old podiatrist said come back at 7. At 7 took 2 years to get appointment. At 9 podiatrist gave insoles that get updated yearly.
Feet are still flat as a pancake. Hips, knees ankles super flexible and painful. She cant walk for more than 10/15 minuits without pain. If she pushes herself the next day or sometimes 2 is a sofa day. I have taken her out of school as she was off more than she was there. And teachers made her do PE and other physical excersise, which put her on sofa the next day. Even running around the playground. This is appatently not a disability, is that true? 
I am worried about her future. 
Her insole update is coming up and i want to know what i should be adking the podiatrist,, it seems they are happy to give her the insoles and send her on her way.
Thankyou for reading. 


  • annedh
    annedh Member Posts: 12 Listener
    Hi Tracy,  as far as I understand, it is not a illness that makes a child disabled but how it affects them daily. For instance my grandson (home schooled) has Crohns. Was refused disability benefits. At reconsideration.,  DWP asked our GP how the Crohns affects my grandson on a daily basis. Pain, exhaustion,  inability to socialise and the anxiety that causes were all taken in to consideration. So get how it affects your daughter on her medical records. Get the podiatrist to write to your GP.. Have painful joints been investigated, can something else help her. You havè to get the whole picture on her health records. 
  • Traceyburrell
    Traceyburrell Member Posts: 2 Listener
    Thank you for replying. I am only just beginning to inverstigate myself as I see no improvement in her over 3 years.
    Physio saw her regarding joints and just said she has hypomotility, and just to do the excersises that they gave. Which she did for a few months but in all honesty it did nothing for her and we let it slip.. I will look at getting her back to physio.
    But yes will definitely go and talk to GP and make sure they put it on the record. I think I'm at the start of a long haul.
    Its very frustrating when you feel doctors are not intetested. 
    So thank you, i will follow up on your advice  


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