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Assesment now with dwp

dazz69dazz69 Member Posts: 20 Listener
edited April 2019 in PIP, DLA and AA
Hi any advice please i had f2f on 21st feb 19 an it took till 28th march to be received by dwp i contacted them an they say its with a cm anybody else had this an what were timespan for decision many thanks


  • wilkowilko Member Posts: 2,352 Disability Gamechanger

    @dazz69,Hello, The frame time  from your assessment to receiving your award notification letter is 6 to 8  weeks but this is only a guide. There is nothing to stop you requesting your assessment report which takes about a week to ten days to arrive, on receiving it you can work out what your may should be but you still have to wait for your official award notification letter.
  • dazz69dazz69 Member Posts: 20 Listener
    Morning its been 7weeks since my f2f i did request my report though from dwp but was told that report doesnt mean much as cm can over rule..an they said takes upto 8weeks from when dwp received report back so that is 28th march as it took capita 5wks to send it ..you get told different things by different ones that answer call very frusttating
  • wildlifewildlife Member Posts: 1,314 Pioneering
    edited April 2019
    @dazz69 Please don't listen to advisers for DWP. You have every right to have a copy of your report from the assessment. My advice is to ring them again and say you are entitled to a copy and insist they send you one. It sounds to me from the length of time it took to send the report to DWP that there may be a problem with it as they're usually completed very soon after your FtoF and sent to DWP straight away once completed. If the form was completed but just not sent then maybe I'm wrong but if not how is your assessor going to remember all the facts about you when they see so many people. If your decision letter doesn't award you the benefit you think you're entitled to you will need your report to do a Mandatory Reconsideration and the sooner you see what the assessor wrote about you the better. I rang after only a few days and my report was sent within a week of my assessment. 
           You may end up waiting longer than average for your decision because of the delay in DWP receiving your report in which case you need to keep on top of what is going on. You would be well advised from now on to keep a record of everyone you speak to, date, time and conversation and get their name so you have a record of action you've taken to help your case.  
  • dazz69dazz69 Member Posts: 20 Listener
    Morning yes when i contacted capita they said they had an I T problem sending report an there was 20 files needing to be retyped mine was one of them...3calls to dwp an 3 very different responses 1lady said if i request report doesnt mean to say been awarded or not as cm can change , 1man said i was close to a decision last week..an yesterday was told takes 8wks from when report was sent to dwp which was 28th march said looking at middle of may...unbeleivable i had f2f on 21st feb ..all this was from mid december when i first applied from pip..but when you contact dwp it says on phone message it takes 6-8wks from f2f very confusing..all responses an help be grateful thanks
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