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Pip being cut off for people on the autistic spectrum

I have a daughter and two grandchildren ages 18 and 22 with Aspergers Syndrome and another granddaughter with Autism ( high functioning all of them)
The two with Aspergers have recently been assessed and one had a reduction to bottom payment and the other had hers stopped.
when are these people going to learn that these wonderful people do not suddenly stop being autistic and do not suddenly recover or change. I’m devastated that I have to go through it all again.



  • Roddy
    Roddy Member Posts: 398 Pioneering

    This is despicable news, and I totally agree with you. My own Son has severe development disorders and he was diagnosed with autism in 1990. I had to fight tooth & nail during his application for PIP and then again when it went to a court hearing. The DWP just don't get it. They fail to accept that autistic people will be affected throughout their lives, and many like my Son will always be a 'child' in most respects, no matter his date of birth and age. The DWP make their decisions based upon the 'mobility' of our children, and due to them being able to move around, walk and/or run for example, makes them appear to the DWP that they are not 'disabled' at all.  The system is inexcusably disgraceful, and I honestly cannot understand how these so-called 'decision makers' can sleep at night. 


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