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DavidOnline Member Posts: 34 Courageous
Does anyone else write creatively about having CP?

I'm going to share some of mine, which are from a rap play I'm writing.  Here's the first. I hope you enjoy it.


I is a spastic
Opposite of elastic
Muscles hard plastic
Not exactly fantastic
It would be detrimental
If I got sentimental
But it drives me mental
That I can't move gently–
So a hidebound body is a battleground.

You know – it's complementary to my
Fixity of mind to think
The world is unkind.

I is jerky
Move like a turkey
March like a Nazi
A military stiffness
With a leg like a plank
A crank
Let's be frank –
Folk are laughin
All the way to the–
"You drunk?" They say
"Want a fight?"
No, I's made this way
It's a neurological
It happened at birth
Affected my worth
As an economic unit
Unfit for work
A burden, liability
Without the ability
To run like a steed
Bend like a reed
Gets worse on weed
My fate was guaranteed
'Cos my mum was a Christian
So she put my beginning
Down to Original Sinning–
  Uh - Is something the matter?
  Yatter yatter yatter

Nothing I can ever do
Will undo that stain on my name
Indelible, Ineradicable
To remain with me
Til Kingdom Come
The Day of Judgement
And His will is done–
   Hey? Hey?
   I prayed and prayed
But God wasn't swayed.
I'm living proof
Of Old Testament Truth:
That there's no salvation
If you've faulty locomotion.
No salvation
If you've faulty locomotion, locomotion, locomotion.



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