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Motability car

I am leasing a car, but have enhanced mobility and daily living. I enquired with finance company about settling early, and I also asked garage how much they would give me for the car. There's a shortfall of about £3000 that I'd have to pay to settle early.
I'm a single parent, want to get a motability car as driving is getting harder and harder. But my particular situation has meant I am falling through the cracks.  I'm in a catch 22 and it's not fair. 


  • Ami2301
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    Hi @sunflower have you contacted Motabulity to see what advice they can offer? :)
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  • poppy123456
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    Unfortunately, motability isn't the place to ask about this because you have taken out a lease car which is separate to motability. The only way you can return the lease car is to pay the shortfall. You could look into selling the car privately, this way you may get more money for the car than if you sold it to a dealer.
  • CockneyRebel
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    Why would a motability car make driving easier ?
    How long have you left on the lease ?

    Having a car through the motability scheme is not always the best option, It is not possible in many cases to guarantee that your mobility award will be renewed and then you will have to return the car
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  • exdvr
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    @sunflower   Hi......Forgive me please if I'm wrong here but if you're leasing the car you don't actually own it and so you cannot legally sell it. Your dealer will be expecting £3000 AND the return of their car in order for you to get out of your agreement.  You then end up with no car and £3000 out of pocket. 

    It really is a Catch-22 situation you've found yourself in.  Motability may not be the best way to go as you'll be tying up around £60 per week for 3 years and there probably are better deals to be had elsewhere.  Once everything's settled financially you may even be better off buying something privately although you'll need to factor in the costs of insurance, maintenance, breakdown cover etcetera.   Tough decision for you to make.

    Best wishes.


  • poppy123456
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    exdvr said:

    @sunflower   Hi......Forgive me please if I'm wrong here but if you're leasing the car you don't actually own it and so you cannot legally sell it.

    I'm sorry but i disagree. One option that people take to end a lease early is to sell the car they currently have, then pay the difference back to the loan company once the car is sold. Not always the best option but it most certainly is an option. See link.

  • exdvr
    exdvr Member Posts: 331 Pioneering

    @poppy123456.....The link you posted is obviously an American one and may well be legal according to their legal system.  However I stand by my admittedly amateur viewpoint that in the UK you cannot sell something you don't actually own [without the prior consent of the owner].      No doubt a debate that will rumble on for a bit. 

      Hopefully it will all work out ok for @sunflower.

    Best wishes.


  • twonker
    twonker Posts: 617 Connected
    I presume that this is a PCP arrangement?
    From what I read the value of the car is £3000 short of what the outstanding finance is.
    I would suggest that either you read the terms and conditions very carefully or better still go to your local CAB.
    What you are looking for is a break clause in the contract that allows you to hand the car back if you have paid the equivalent of 50% of the total lease charges.

    Is there a very good reason why you want out of this agreement and go into the Motability one. For me I would never have a Motability vehicle as the risks particularly with PIP are such that you could end up with no car if you fail the next review.


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