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Hello every one  . When it is warm and sunny. I do a Pasta Salad.

Easy to do and does not take long to prepare.

I use the following Pasta shapes. Fusilli, Penne, also Orzo.  You can use tubes or shells like Conchiglie.

If you have in your stores bottled dressings.

Like Vinaigrette or Honey and Mustard.

You can use Mayonnaise or Mustard with Lemon juice, touch. If you wish to. One teaspoon of each.  I buy bottled Lemon juice lot easier.

The supermarket sell a range of vegetables called Anti Pasti. These are in Oil.  Usually Sundried Tomatoes, Artichokes, Peppers.  Peppers have been roasted gives them a smoky flavour saves time.

There are others as well.  Aubergines, Zucchini.

Olives is another store cupboard stand by.

You can use those packs of Italian deli meats like Salami or Prosciutto  Italian ham .

Anything like Parma Ham used that a few times.

Favourite is Cold Chicken cooked which I bag double wrapped in the freezer.  Defrosted. Seafood mix with Prawns, Mussels, defrosted already cooked.


In a pan boiling water salted a handful of Pasta your choice.   When cooked . When drained to a bowl I use add Olive oil.

Leave it do not rinse in cold water this means the Pasta soggy not good.  When cold Pasta.  Ready to use.

Dressings make up or from a bottle. Can be added with any diced meat or drained vegetables from Anti Pasti jars.

You could use  the oil from the jar with Lemon juice as a dressing.

Mix together with cold Pasta.  In a bowl.

Something I also do use up any left over vegetables fridge. Cook them first then leave to cool.  Drizzle some Balsamic Vinegar on them.  You can buy small bottles.

Do this with Peppers or Zucchini. 

Hope that helps easy meal times.

Thanks every one.

Buon   Appetito

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