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Sorry haven't been about

AlisonNetty Member Posts: 192 Pioneering
edited April 2019 in Coffee lounge
So much has happened since that last time I spoke to anyone.
My Fibromyalgia has caused me so much trouble. I ache all over all the time with burst of pain here and there. I've had trouble getting people to believe me as I look fine. 
My son wont help me unless I pay him so I have had to manage on my own... my moods as got lower and lower as the things I cant do have got longer. 
It came I a head last month when my 15 year old granddaughter ran away from him...
She turned up at her over nan.. I've felt left as to what is going on as I cant get to the other man all the time, my legs right give me problems,  I'm now using a mobility Walker. 
Anyhow, my GD has moved in with her other nan, I feel totally shut out.. my moods have dropped rock bottom to the point that I took an overdose last Wednesday. The following day I woke up to my cat telling me how cross she was with me. 
All weekend I suffered from the effects of the pills I took. On  plus note I hardly had any pain over the weekend so I got all my jobs done... today though I'm feeling it..
Thank you for reading this... netty



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