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Awarded PIP after appeal - without tribunal meeting - when would i get paid?

Antelope Member Posts: 4 Listener
Hi all - I know this has probably been debated on a few threads already now... so apologies if I am duplicating posts.

I have been refused PIP twice (once after the initial face-to-face assessment and then again after the mandatory reconsideration). I appealed and have had a call from the PIP appeal people last week  (Newport as I live in Wales), that they are happy to award me my claim as I have provided them with the relevant information.

The lady I spoke to said that she was going to set things into motion and that I would be sent a letter confirming my award, but that the money would probably reach my account before I received the letter. Has anybody had the same situation - and how long did it take for the money to come through? I'd be really glad to hear from you!!

Reading through some of the posts I realise that my PIP interview was just as daunting as everybody else's!! When I had my first report through I thought that I had not been in the same meeting! So, it stated stuff like 'was able to produce her driving licence from her purse as form of identification' to go against me. 'Was able to maintain good eye contact' was another together with 'no obvious signs of self-neglect'... I was appalled!!

Then some of the stuff that I did tell them was not even included in their report, i.e. anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, bulimia, self-medicating with alcohol, I felt I was made out to be a liar (and that it was all in my head... which is correct as I suffer from mental illness and nothing physical). For me that first refusal was so devastating (and it arrived on 24th December - Merry Christmas!) that I took an overdose :(

The mandatory reconsideration I submitted after coming out of hospital awarded me 1 point for needing help with my medication....

Anyway, anybody who has been refused... please stick with your appeal no matter how stressful it may seem and see it through!! I looked at some statistics and you have a 75% chance on average (don't quote me) for your appeal to be accepted. I have been in turmoil for over 12 months, got myself into massive debt with my energy and water suppliers, Thinking what I can sell to keep up with bills etc.

As much as I look forward to a reply when my payment could / would come through - I want to tell people to hang on in there and persevere!! A 75% chance of ATOSS(ers) ruling to be overturned means that 3 in 4 people who have been declined PIP are actually entitled.

Best wishes to all!!
Antelope xx



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