I've been on select move like forever with no luck

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Hi, I've been on select move like forever with no luck, I'm being offered areas that are way out & properties that are stuck in the middle of a rough estate near schools,i need peace & a level floor to walk on, I would like a Bungalow 2 bedroom's as I need overnight care alot because of my health issues & they are progressing & im finding things hard.
with a nice kitchen that I can move around in  im trying to get nearer to Chorley area


  • Gerald
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    Hi Sharon65 Welcome to the Community all the best I'm Gerald 
  • Chloe_Scope
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    Hi @Sharon65 and welcome to the community! It must be so frustrating to have waited for so long! Has anything changed since you posted? Have social services assessed your current house to see if it can be made more accessible for yourself? I also would suggest contacting Shelter to see if there is anything they can support you with. Please do keep us updated on your situation and I really hope you are not waiting much longer! 
  • Antonia_Alumni
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    Hi @Sharon65 welcome to the community. Any luck with select move or any of the services @Chloe_Scope has mentioned?