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CARL58 Member Posts: 178 Courageous
Hi everyone you've all been so kind,sorry to say this will be my final post, I've tried & tried to set up my own email account without success,I don't know if CARL58 has locked it or has a security feature on it,but I just can't get to set up my own, I've been busy doing referrals for him & hoping someone will offer the extra support he needs,it's unfair others get all the support & he gets nothing only me.i want him to have a proper care assessment not some snotty nosed social worker,just out of kindergarden telling me I'm doing a fine job.all they offer group therapy knowing full well he can't access this.thats there get out clause, knowing full well he needs one to one support, I'm sorry for the rant.god bless you all take care jen


  • wilko
    wilko Member Posts: 2,457 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello, your local council has a legal requirement and a duty of care to provide an application care package for Carl, look up online councils legal responsibility to provide care ect a lot of information out there just takes time to read through to see which or what applies to your situation financially ect. Hope you can find information on line then move things forward for Carl. Your in our thoughts and prayers to many are bypassed to save money and not meet their legal obligations.
  • CARL58
    CARL58 Member Posts: 178 Courageous
    @wilko many thanks for the info take care jen


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