Cerebral Palsy
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Feeling guilty

SuenChrisSuenChris Member Posts: 1 Listener
edited May 2019 in Cerebral Palsy
My son isnearly 14. Was diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy when young but no follow up advised🤔😠 being that it was mild i just did what i was told. Now he is having growth spurt and has been in chronic pain for 5 months. Rib cage rotated etc. The penny has finaly dropped that maybe this is cp. He is being seen next week. My guilt is beyond measuring


  • Richard_ScopeRichard_Scope Posts: 2,719

    Scope community team

    Hi @SuenChris
    Good to meet you and welcome to the community. I'm sorry to read that your son has been having to cope with being in pain for such a period of time. I can understand your feelings of guilt, my mum went through the same feelings every time I underwent a treatment or surgery. You did what many of us do, you listened to the medical opinion at the time and this is not the wrong thing to do!
    What appointment does your son have next week? 
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  • Kate_ScopeKate_Scope Scope Navigate service Posts: 74 Pioneering
    Hi and welcome to the forum @SuenChris

    I am a parent to a now 18 years old very vibrant and very loud 18-year-old with Spastic diplegia, meaning just her legs are effected or affected (i never know which one to use in any context lol) 

    As @Richard_Scope says we all put our trust in health professionals and if they decided no follow-ups then what as a parent are you meant to do? You did what every parent would do, please don't feel any guilt ( I know this is easier said than done) 

    But as soon as he has said he is in pain then you have clearly done something about it- you are now going through the right channels and trying to not only relieve his pain but also get him the right treatment. 

    Good luck with it and I hope they can sort something for him- is it Orthopedics you are seeing? 


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