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Wheelchair Services Refurbed Chair probs

bendy_bonnie Member Posts: 15 Connected

Absolutely gutted.

Had a refurbished chair (my first electric one) since August last year. A quickie Rumba Modular. It has been sent to repair 4/5 times because, in no particular order, broken castors, broken bearings, broken anti-tip wheels, missing caps when it comes back from repair, faulty brakes, batteries not being fitted correctly, wire from control panel too long and dragging on wheels, ripped tyre, rusted screws on moveable parts.

Every time it needs fixing it gets taken away for weeks.

I've had a problem since day dot with the kerb climber bar being 3mm too short (weird, as it's a standard part) and falling off. Most of the time it happens 1-2 times per day. Yesterday it happened 40 times and it was now an inch too short for the frame.

Called up yesterday and when they came today they knew without looking at it what was wrong. Since I've had it the frame was broken (a common fault apparently) and the sun has heated it up and snapped the metal when it expanded. It was seconds away from snapping in two and folding up on me in the street.

The chair is being scrapped ? the guy from repairs isn't allowed to call the NHS therapists to let them know so it could be weeks before they are even aware once the message has been passed along. Something to do with him telling NHS bosses that they are providing substandard chairs and now they won't speak to him.

I'm stuck inside for months again ? hoping wheelchair services don't give me a refurb again ??

Apart from school run I've been outside maybe 10 other times since Jan because of repairs. This is why I want to work for myself... there is literally no employer in the country would put up with this. The only comforting thing is that ESA and UC have provisions for automatically being placed in the support group when you cannot walk and use a powered chair.

I now don't really know how to proceed with wheelchair services. When I had my wheelchair driving test they told me the chair I was using (a brand new chair) was mine but it needed the kerb climber and I would have it within 2 weeks. What actually happened was I waited 4 months and the chair they delivered was battered and broken. I think that a more urgent case came up and they had to use what stock they had in order of urgency.

I am not ungrateful at all. I know that a lot of people with Ehlers Danlos can never get a WCS chair because the criteria is so strict. 

I feel like they have cut costs so much they are providing broken chairs and I'm worried this being stuck inside will continue for the rest of my life! In some ways this feeling is a contradiction to recent feelings of agoraphobia but maybe having to stay in a lot is making the fears of outside worse? Does anyone know anything about personal wheelchair budgets to hire a brand new chair? My OT advised me categorically not to get a wheelchair through motability because they overcharge, we need the money for taxis and carers travel and the NHS provide chairs for people who need them and they agreed I need it.

Sorry for the huge rant. I'm gutted about my chair. Feel like my legs have been taken away!



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