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Pain Clinic Session Outcomes

MaxineAshley Member Posts: 38 Courageous

I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience to me, if so what did you do?

I have many health issues causing pain (and I have a high pain  threshold, so can handle a lot of pain) but the pain is more than I can cope with, so I have to take many kinds of medications, plus additional medications for my mental health issues. 

Last week after finally having another MRI result, this time for my neck and shoulder issues with a very nice Doctor. 

He wanted to know all my problems, so as I listed them off, and started to explain my mental health issue (Borderline Personality Disorder, and all that comes with it) he was very interested in that more than the actual reason I was there, asking how it effects me and why did it start?

We chatted for about 30 minutes, then got back to my neck and shoulders, also bringing up my Cauda Equina Syndrome problems, he asked about how much pain I suffer with all the time?
I told him I was constantly in pain and have lack of sleep as it wakes me up throughout the night, every night.

He listened, and then turned around and said “if the tablets don’t relieve the pain, there is no point taking any in the first place, but exercise instead, go for walks, go swimming, anything to get you out in the fresh air and keeping fit”.

Then he remembered my severe anxiety problems causing my agoraphobia (only leaving the safety of my home with either my mum or husband, and truly struggling with horrible panic attacks).
So he suggested a treadmill (even though I can only walk for about 5 minutes then needing crutches, which is a problem now with my neck and shoulder pains, as I can’t support my weight due to the pain.
He also said that it would be my decision how to come off my medications.

I know he was trying to help, but I was left very confused?

I had no plan structure of reducing my medications and over what period of time? 

So I tried cutting down by 1 dose a day, my mid afternoon ones. By day 3, I was literally in so much pain I couldn’t get out of bed.

Anyone else experienced this before? If so, what did you do? 
Did anything help? 

I’d really appreciate any feedback please? 

Very kind and grateful regards 

Writing my first novel, excited to get it finished.


  • April2018mom
    April2018mom Posts: 2,868 Connected
    Hello and welcome to the community 

    Are you seeing a pain specialist or not? Exercise was somewhat helpful but I also found talking to a therapist helped me. I used to keep a diary for record keeping purposes as well. How much pain medication are you taking? Maybe you should talk to the doctor again. 


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