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I have been living in surported accommodation for 14 mths. Before that sofa surving for 2 years. And before that hd a Flat that I rented. I became very ill in this place as it become extremely damp. Mould, mushrooms all over floor & walls with all ceiling leaking. Big holes where ceiling falling down, gaps in the windows so we're so cold had to sometimes sleep in my coat too just to keep warm. And that was with the heating on. The ight sockets were blowing it was herendous to cope so we're so ill. The Landlord didn't want to do anything so he thought he would evi...me. I had bad depression, Anxiety & it effected me terribly . I then sofa serf for 2 years walking on egg shells at times & had no TV so would watch a dvd when I could. Anyway cut along story short it weren't easy, far from it so came more depressed as you can imagine. I met someone who had advised me to go to Council as homeless so I did. Were We Har for 14 months & became more ill as couldn't cope so would cry myself to sleep at nights praying I wake up one morning & all be a bad dream. It weren't & mentally drained me to the extent where had to be it on other medications to help me. Bidding for Counci place, letters from my Doctor, Hospital ect. And also said I could face much more so when offered a place that it weren't around addicts, Alcohol holicks nor people like I'd had to live amongst as would end up in hospital. I have now been given a place from the Council as bad as harp, if not worse as no real securities .I am extremely unwell with  Chronic Anxiety, depression, OCD panic attacks & intrusive thoughts & am even worse now so had to see doctor to update my medication to something stronger & have also been assessed for a medical that passed. I can't take no more & am frightened will end up in hospital with a breakdown!!;
I can't settle here & really think that something needs to be done as can't live my everyday life normal or happy. Can some one please help me with some advice in getting a decent place to live from the Council so I can go where there are nice decent place to bid on as it would really help me t get well.


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    Hello and welcome to our community

    Can you contact your local social services department for advice? Don’t give up on trying to find a decent place to live. Have you talked to the estate agents or not? They might also be able to answer your questions. I’ve also looked at several different property websites as we are currently still trying to find a decent place. Your local paper will often contain details of local houses and apartments on sale within the area.
    Ultimately your best bet is to use all your sources to get as much information as you can possibly find. Look online, visit your local estate agent in town and read property adverts too. If social services are unable to help you you need to think outside the box and take the initiative. As much as possible. 
    Maybe you should talk to a property maintenance company too. 
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    Thank you for listening as really lost here. I am a decent lovely Lady that has just had **** luck these last few years with places. It is a nightmare finding private although won't give up. And also resources everything on Council . I hope you find a nice place. X
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    Hi @Amandajane11, I'm really sorry to read this. It sounds like an awful situation.
    Am I right in understanding that you're now housed by the council, but it's equally as bad as the sheltered accommodation you had previously? If so, the council has a duty of care to keep things up to a certain of standard of habitability. You might find want to speak to Shelter as they may be able to advise you better than us about what you can do.
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