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Hands Free Use of a PC

RSISolutionsRSISolutions Member Posts: 113 Courageous
I am currently claiming ESA - income based because I experience intolerable pain when using the computer using my hands which makes my condition worse. I have been using Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional edition, version 13 for many years coupled with advanced scripting and another voice recognition software, Speech Start Plus, provided by PCByVoice.com - who are experts in hands-free use of the computer. 

I need more training on how to use the computer hands-free and updated voice recognition software, I want to learn how to use this new software and receive this hands-free training before I start a new job. It is too stressful trying to learn a new job and a new method of working. Plus, I need about 2 months to be able to get up to speed with this new method of working. Imagine informing your new employer who wants to pay you to do a job, that you need 2 months to learn how to use the computer hands-free before starting? It's not going to go down well. 

Access to Work is no good for me, as you need a job offer or be in a job to get the money. I need this equipment and training to be able to search for and apply for jobs. 

What other funding is available for me to get better my situation? 

I have tried applying for grants from trust funds, but this also causes me pain. Additionally, for the trusts, I have applied to they don't want to pay for voice recognition software unless I get funding for hands-free training from PCByVoice and nobody wants to pay for training. I am going round in circles. The DWP  job centre, my doctor and the local council won't pay either. 

Any thoughts on this? 


  • Imogen_SteeleImogen_Steele Member Posts: 42 Courageous
    I’m sorry to hear about your situation. I just bought the latest version of dragon and I have found that all the voice commands are the same so I have not needed to undergo new training. Unfortunately I’m not familiar with the other programs you use. It might be worth contacting access to work. Explain your situation and see if they have any advice or suggestions regarding funding.
  • RSISolutionsRSISolutions Member Posts: 113 Courageous
    edited June 2019
     The training I am after is to help me to become a hands-free user. Dragon out of the box is not hands-free and additionally, for some things, it's clumsy, frustrating and voice intensive. I want more advanced scripting and add on software to achieve this. 

    The new edition of Dragon claims to be more accurate so I will have fewer corrections to make. 

    Thanks for the idea about contacting AFW - I will try that. 
  • swilberswilber Member Posts: 26 Courageous
    Have you tried Ability.Net a charty of volunteer computer experts for disabled people.  A great service with no charge.  If you haven't  tried them they are worth a call 0800 0269545 Good Luck 
  • RSISolutionsRSISolutions Member Posts: 113 Courageous
    Dear @swilber - I have tried them in the past.  Thank you
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