Universal Credit
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Wrongly moved onto UC

GG44GG44 Member Posts: 28 Connected
I have a friend who was moved onto UC and was worried how it would affect her. She was advised incorrectly and thought she'd have to stay on UC and lose her Premiums because she had moved to a different area and claimed Housing Benefit. Fortunately she questioned the bad advice and is being put back onto her ESA and Premiums and is also being backdated all she is owed.


  • Hart86Hart86 Member Posts: 394 Pioneering
    That’s good news! Since earlier this year, if someone tries to make a new claim for universal credit but is receiving SDP it’ll bounce back and they’ll be referred back to legacy benefits. Sadly it’s too late for those that claimed before and they still need to wait for any update in parliament for what will happen to their loss SDP. No one receiving the premiums can apply for uc at the moment, it’s even one of the first questions when you try and claim.
  • GG44GG44 Member Posts: 28 Connected
    Hi , interesting reply. It seems I cannot claim any of the 3 Disability Premiums because I receive Industrial Injuries benefit. I rang the local authority where I'm considering moving to and asked them a couple of questions regard their LHA etc and the first thing they asked was if I were on a SDP so it looked like I'd have to claim Universal Credit for my Housing Benefit and it looked like it was hardly worth it. Then going through my Housing Benefit award I noticed in my Applicable amounts were an SDP that was considered. So if they take this into account when I move it would be better , though seeing the SDP on my Housing Benefit Award and not receiving it is making me think that though I'm not receiving SDP , it can still be considered in my HB Award. Be good to know if this amount is actually coming off my rent bill and if not having the SDP on my HB Award would make me pay a more of my rent ? Also regards to people incorrectly claiming UC who were receiving a SDP , I have come across a couple of sites that seem way more ahead on that issue (maybe there's link somewhere on here ) and they categorically say that all those people have/will be moved back to their Legacy Benefits and all compensation backdated. If considered useful I'll find the links.
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