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Chronic plantar fascia

fatherinpain Member Posts: 177 Courageous
asked for copy of bone scan report and has this on it, explains some of my mobility problems, conflicting info on google so after people’s experience with this,


  • dolfrog
    dolfrog Member Posts: 441 Pioneering
  • fatherinpain
    fatherinpain Member Posts: 177 Courageous
    I have but like I say conflicting on google so after people’s experience with it, longevity etc
  • buzzer
    buzzer Member Posts: 106 Pioneering
     I had plantar.
    Did several things wore better shoes- crocs or slippers as example maybe comfy or simple to slip on but not good long term
    I eventually found new balance trainers to be very supportive.
    I froze a 3/4 filled plastic water bottles (500ml/pint sized) and rolled my feet over them, gradually pushing down you can use a ball too.
    and when it was at it worse I made a night splint, not using the new kenisology tape but tubigrip. Google PF taping, just keeping foot in same position helped. Doing that for a few nights alleviated  foot pain. 
    I get the odd twinge now and again, and make sure I wear supportive footwear at some point during my day.
    hope this helps

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  • fatherinpain
    fatherinpain Member Posts: 177 Courageous
    I have in both feet arch to toes all the way across, podiatrist has given me the memory foam insoles but they don’t seem to do anything for me the pain is unbearable what with everything else wrong with my body I’m starting to lose hope
  • LaughingLolly
    LaughingLolly Member Posts: 100 Pioneering
    Ask for a review. What are the muscles like in the rest of your leg and calf? Could there be something else? How about seeing a chiropractor? I was on a waiting list with this after my first child then a chiropractor cured it by accident when treating something else. Could an overall body review help because pain begets pain.
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  • fatherinpain
    fatherinpain Member Posts: 177 Courageous
    I’m riddled with ra and have ddd because of the trouble walking & moving & bending & lifting ra consultant requested full body scan this new condition was revealed 
  • dowhatyoucant
    dowhatyoucant Member Posts: 13 Courageous
    Plantar Fasciitis isn't that dissimilar to any other form of tendonitis, and it boils down to overuse, or improper use, usually a combination of both. (exception here is if there is a bone injury or scar tissue that make the condition a different approach to remedy)

    Wearing soft, squishy, "comfortable" shoes is going to make it worse. As with any other tendonitis, rest is important, but unfortunately we have to be on our feet to live our life daily, and that's why things like rolling the bottom of the foot with different objects can help - they create temporary disruptions in the neural feedback to our brains, decreasing pain, and can even help straighten out some the soft tissues that have become wavy, knotted up or damaged over time.

    In addition to resting to avoid exacerbating the problem, you need to start practicing walking with as perfect of form as possible. Also, if you are overweight, you'll want to start losing those excess pounds because that is just more stress on all of your connective tissues and that's just making it harder on your body.

    To simplify how to walk correctly, start with a shorter gait cycle, landing your feet underneath your body each step, and actually grab the ground with your toes (no matter what shoes you're wearing). Grabbing the ground ensures that your arches are going to be active and the big toes is pressed into the ground, which is directly connected to the glute muscles which need to be activated properly make sure your body's posture is supported correctly. 

    I would bet that if you watch yourself walk normally (barefoot), your ankles collapse inward, so does your arch, and your arch is longer than it should be b/c it's not active. This stretches out the fibers running through the foot, stretching them under load, and that's specifically how we stress our muscles when we're trying to increase their size; it creates micro-tears that our muscles can quickly repair, creating larger muscle tissue (both healthier and more attractive). Connective tissue like that running through your feet, however, don't repair nearly as easily as muscle tissue, so these tears go un-repaired day after day, more torn with every day you walk improperly, and it's no surprise pain onsets.

    I hope this is helpful, educational, and it starts a new intentionality you can apply to your daily like that in the coming weeks and months should start making small but significant improvements in your condition(s)!

    Ben C.


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