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where your further information isnt received dwp or goes missing

okehmelcokehmelc Member Posts: 24 Connected
i have had a long ongoing case with dwp for pip and recently they asked for further information which seems to have got lost in there system or by post. i spoke to a a dwp advisor today and they informed that it is possible to get that information faxed onto there systenm she gave me a fax number her name and advuised me to tell the person sendind in information to fax it to her which i did and it was instantly uploaded on to there system and problem solved may be helpfull to no if you are experiencing problems with held up post.


  • okehmelcokehmelc Member Posts: 24 Connected
     i forgot to add your national insurance number must be on documentation when fax is sent
  • wilkowilko Member Posts: 2,355 Disability Gamechanger
    Not everyone will be offered the chance to fax extra information most have to post to the DWP central processing department where it takes about 14 days to be scanned and uploaded on to their system. 
  • okehmelcokehmelc Member Posts: 24 Connected
    edited June 2019
    its worth asking as the dwp post is in chaos at the moment and if you think that the apprpiate time has gone by for receiving it the fax is an alternate method which they do not tell you is available they tell you on the phone they are having trouble with there post so after a reasonable time as noted from comment above 14 days which isnt good if there is atime limit on getting information back within these limits
  • okehmelcokehmelc Member Posts: 24 Connected
    i simply put this comment for people to realise there is another course of action to the dwp losing there post i sent mine by post to dwp processing department twice and it did not  arrive on there system at all there only reason given was they were having problems scanning information on to there systems and they kept telling me to ring back next week this went on for 4 weeks and thats when i got the oppertunity to fax it in  i did as everybody else does used there postal system first
  • poppy123456poppy123456 Member Posts: 22,218 Disability Gamechanger
    The reason why they gave you the fax option is most likely because they didn't receive what you sent twice.
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  • zakbloodzakblood Member Posts: 419 Pioneering
    edited June 2019
    i had, ESA mind you, but same DWP my MR go missing and so far 57 days after the first letter sent saying i'd failed, so a day or so later i sent off the MR by recorded del and had a sig back from the post office, so rang them 2 weeks later only to be told no sorry not done it yet, so again another 2 weeks later and to be told, no information for you yet, please call back, which i did another 2 weeks later only to be told, it's been lost and not done, did you make a backup? yes i said, ok, can you send that from the nearest job center, we can make you an appointment now and get it done internally, which was Monday this week, so 57 days later and another 2 weeks or so to process on top, i'm no closer to knowing either way, as they don't except my emails, i can fax it to them, but never got offered either the internal photocopy route at first either, so yes they do sure make it hard to complain, this is for sure, and in the end, i'm 99% sure they will say no and i;ll still have to go to tribunal, so everyone who reads it, just stay calm and keep up the long fight and in the end, it may get sorted, if your still alive and have the strength left to do anything else
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