Undiagnosed and rare conditions
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FND and cardiac symptoms

underdiagnosedunderdiagnosed Member Posts: 26 Courageous
Hi. after many years battling the system, I've just been diagnosed with functional neurological disorder, which is little understood. My symptoms include left sided weakness, tinnitus, dizziness, headaches, light sensitivity and exhaustion after walking only a few yards. I have previously been diagnosed with idiopathic hypersomnolence (the opposite of insomnia) and malignant vasovagal syndrome (which causes me to faint), both of which are rare conditions. The consultant however could not explain my cardiac symptoms which I suspect may in some way be connected. They can be very severe at times and include sudden bouts of breathlessness, collapsing and palpitations. I wake up several times a night with tachycardia (raised heart rate) which is sometimes coupled with breathlessness, despite sleeping sitting up which reduces the severity of the symptoms. This normally happens when in REM sleep (dreaming). I was wondering if anyone else has this unusual combination of cardiac and neurological symptoms and if one could be affecting the other? I'm unsure whether I have the correct diagnosis or not. So far I have been offered no support although I am waiting for a cardiology appointment. Thanks for your help/support.


  • LaughingLollyLaughingLolly Member Posts: 101 Pioneering
    Yes. But I have never found any answers. 
    A laugh a day keeps the psychiatrist at bay. 
  • Shepp1958Shepp1958 Member Posts: 5 Listener
    I have no pain in my hands l can pick up things in the oven with out feeling the heat and l could go in to the freezer in a tea shirt and not feel the cold. Also I can stick pins in my hands, legs and not feel it. 
  • susan48susan48 Member Posts: 2,229 Disability Gamechanger
    I have FND , mine is tics, involuntarily body movements.
    i have just finished a course of treatment with a psychologist who specialises in FND. 
    This was very helpful in understanding why these things happen.
    Maybe ask you gp to refer you. Unfortunately Iv no understanding of the cardiology aspect of FND.
    theres a good website. FND HOPE, maybe there’s something on the site to help you.
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