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Where do i find help in regards to HNS negligence UTI now stage 4 kidney

melissahicking2019melissahicking2019 Member Posts: 122 Courageous
edited June 2019 in Coffee lounge
Hello everybody My name is Melissa, and i am relativity new to this forum and have been helping a friend with a PIP appeal.

I myself am now going through the same process of applying for PIP and i have required all of my doctors notes and records.

My story is a long one and begins at the age of 6 when i had my 1st UTI (water infection) , upon which my mother and farther took my to my local hospital to be diagnosed with UTI and Hypertension.

However the Doctors at the hospital became annoyed with my mother persistence and they did not look after me correctly. They did put me in for an ultra sound and they did medicate me for 3 months and they did take another urine sample a year later.

However they stopped any further treatment at this point (a year after first UTI) and they never monitored from that point on and never diagnosed my kidneys failing. My doctors records show that from 1998 up unttil 2001 they never did anything for my kidneys and failed to treat me for them failing, even though we went to the doctors with the side effects of the deterioration of my kidneys and the doctors simply sent me back home without looking into the seriousness of my condition and they neglected to diagnose my failing kidneys. 

Since then in 1989 i had problems with wetting the bed and a weak bladder, constant headaches and fevers , and general ill health, however the doctors never continued to look into the possibility of a kidney problem and they simply sent me back home with my mother every time we went to the doctors.

they never took me back in for ultrasound and they never continued medications or diagnosis . It was not until 2001 when i had a serious water infection that nearly killed me that i found out that ever since the age of 6 (my 1st UTI) my kidneys had been getting weaker and more enlarged and failing, up to the point of me becoming a stage 3 kidney patient. at which point real treatment and investigations began...

I am now in 2019 being prepped for transplant and dialysis and am current at 4% kidney function in both kidneys and a stage 4 kidney patient on the highest dose of medications currently available.

My illness disables me even from getting up the stairs to goto the toilet and my life has basically been destroyed by this illness and even the doctor in 2001 stated in her records that my condition had not been correctly investigated at the age of 6 onward and that my current situation is due to the neglect of the doctors in 1989.

My mother has told me that she will never forgive the doctors for not looking into my illness correctly and monitoring my health from then onward as if they had of done and medicated me correctly from the age of 6, i would not be in this condition now. She wants mew to goto Citizens advice and take all the doctors records with me and see if there is a case for the HNS to answer too.

My concerns are that maybe we need specialist help with this matter and we should also be seeking the help of a solicitor and a health specialist.

I am hoping that this forum will be as helpful with this circumstance as it has been for my friends PIP appeal.  The people in the PIP forum have been really helpful and have given me and my friend the best advice possible and we eventually won the appeal with their help.

Unfortunately that forum is for PIP so i cannot really discuss this matter within that forum and  i am currently looking for professional advice and information .

If anybody can help ,please get in touch with me and i can possibly send you copies of my notes and the paperwork ect and maybe somebody could advise me of what to do and if there is a case for neglect..

I understand if i am in the wrong place completely but i don-not know where to start. So any help and advice would be gratefully appreciated.

Yours hopefully.



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