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Pip Assessor LIES!!

LupusSLEsufferLupusSLEsuffer Member Posts: 4 Listener
edited July 2019 in PIP, DLA and AA


 I’m really annoyed, I had my pip assessment on the 3rd June, I’ve just today received my copy of it (18th) and the whole this is lies!!

He states that I don’t have depression when I’m on 75mgs of Amitriptyline, he said that I’m on sleeping tablets when I’m not, he stated I was completely fine when I was in tears the whole way through because I just hate and don’t want to be here! 

 I’m in pain every minute of everyday due to my illnesses Lupus SLE, Antiphosphilipid syndrome, hyper mobility disorder, osteoporosis and depression! 

He stated that I told him I recently learnt to drive when I did nothing of the sort.. I passed my test 12 years ago! I can’t even drive anymore with my Osteoarthritis in my knees. He said I drove automatics when I never have in my life, they were all manuals. I have terrible hairloss and memory loss due to my Lupus SLE and not to mention the extreme fatigue! But he stated that my hair was fine and didn’t look tired. The whole assessment was complete lies! I’m so annoyed! 

I have slipped discs In my back due to my hyper-mobility which means I’m too bendy so they slip out of place so I told him I couldn’t do any of the arms back and leg exercises yet he said I did them all fine! But how when we didn’t do them at all?!  The mobility he lied through, I said I can’t make journeys on my own with my depression and the reduced mobility with all my illnesses, yet he said no problems at all.. 

 I’m so annoyed, I feel like just giving up, there’s no point when you feel like you have to get up everyday to have the biggest fight just to get through another day to be kicked back down again by a total liar who knows nothing about my daily struggles! Don’t trust them no matter how nice they seem! That’s the second time I read a load of lies about myself by someone who just feels like destroying the last bit of me that’s struggling to hold on! 


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