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Job Centre Work Coaches

katiesymonkatiesymon Member Posts: 59 Connected
Are we able to request new work coaches ? Mine was smarmy and rude during my awaiting appeal process. Asked personal questionns in front of other people attending about my body and functions of illness.


  • katiesymonkatiesymon Member Posts: 59 Connected
    I did complain while she interviewed me on these lines. The main thing she did that was upsetting is she was typing 60wpm as she was doing it which led me to believe she was trying to evidence from me my illness (that was in appeal process) they found in their own favour of course - but did say I could have requested a room. My GP said the work coach would have no medical expertise for asking those qu
  • katiesymonkatiesymon Member Posts: 59 Connected
    So are we able to ask for a new coach. 
  • zakbloodzakblood Member Posts: 419 Pioneering
    unsure, the one i had for all of an hour, my first contact with one tbh, was disabled and brilliant, so good luck and ask, as if you don't ask, now days you get nothing 
  • Adrian_ScopeAdrian_Scope Testing team Posts: 7,954

    Scope community team

    Hello @katiesymon. Yes, you can request a new work coach, however they don’t have to give you one.

    Your work commitments, especially if you have reported a medical condition or disability but are not yet classed as LCW/LCWRA, are at their discretion which may be why she was trying to gauge how it affects you. 

    There’s definitely no need for her to be rude or smarmy though. 
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  • zakbloodzakblood Member Posts: 419 Pioneering
    there's bullies in all forms of life, my assessor at my last assessment bullied me into doing the assessment when my gut feeling was to hold my ground and not, even though i had proof i'd asked for it to be recorded 3 times, 1 letter, 1 on the form and once on the day, asking why there was none, she was female, i'm male, but still i was bullied into doing it, without, in MR atm and fighting my corner, but in the end, the system doesn't bode well for anyone who complains, as your just then a trouble maker or time waster or just a moaner, either way good luck and hope you get another one, and one who understands, as i'm told there is plenty of good one, not all are useless, same as in life 
  • katiesymonkatiesymon Member Posts: 59 Connected
    Thanks I think she was focussed o DWP reporting that I was faking my surgery needs. I have internal organ pain - not a aching back from some weird imaginations. Typical. I think she may be ok really but caught in the lets catch her out system and myself very distressed The 5 months of DWP squabbling pushed me to the edge, I'm amazed I never tipped over as it crossed my mind. Now past. I have asked and will see what happens. I'm sure that will be least of my worries right now but thank you all for input
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