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Where to begin?

AndyGT Member Posts: 412 Pioneering
POne and All....... I have a question and am hoping that as usual. Some of you will have an answer. Now I don't really expect a clear cut answer because like most things in life there are do many imponderables, variables and general ifs, buts and maybe's.

What I want is to get back into some sort of sport. When I was more able I use to play Rugby, Badminton, Golf etc and enjoyed most sports. As a result of a car accident and damage to my back, mobility problems and generally my disability I have felt (I know incorrectly) that it felt like everything has came to a grinding halt, sport wise. I had to not only give up the sport but also a job I loved. I haven't completely wasted the intervening years and got myself a degree, a masters and am lucky enough to now do a second job I enjoy. As I get older though I am finding I am missing sport more and more. So I was wondering if you could recommend a website,) group or organisation that could help me become involved again. I am not really asking about individual sports here because that would all depend on what I can or can't do etc but I want to know where I can start looking and then make a decision from there.

Thanks and I do hope that life is treating you well.



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