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hi I posted on here for the first time a few months ago, my wife had been on DLA for a very long time on highest rates for both care and mobility and was on it for an indefinite period. I posted when she had received the notice that her DLA was about to end and that she had to apply for PIP, she was also very anxious about having to face a face to face assessment .
   We decided to fill out the forms ourselves and we already had 7 letters of support from various consultants , doctors etc, the GP and another doctor also did a letter regarding a face to face assessment , both letters stated that they felt this would have a damaging effect on my wife’s physical and mental health and that in turn would impact on the health conditions that she suffers.
  She got a letter, two weeks ago,stating that they had all the evidence needed to make a decision and so a face to face would not be necessary and today she got the decision and has been awarded both PIP components at the enhanced rate for an on going period. I wanted to post here to thank you for your help and support and to say that the more evidence about your health conditions you can provide, the better, it’s better to get the letters before you even get invited to change to PIP, just ask your health professional to not date them, that way you have not got to chase doctors etc for evidence after you get your forms, and time is limited. I had not expected my wife’s claim to state “ for an ongoing period”, every one else I have spoken to, have been given their award for a specified time, so is this something that’s new.


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    Hi @Stevew63, thank you for sharing this with us, it's great to read a positive experience. 
    I'm really pleased for you and your wife. :)
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