SDP on Universal Credit

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Hello. Just an update from me on my previous post from last year.
Is it true disabled people already on UC and who lost the SDP because of a natural migration. Will soon be getting sdp payments and backdated payments.

On 16 January 2019, regulations came into force preventing people in receipt of benefits including a Severe Disability Premium from moving onto Universal Credit until the final managed migration stage, when they can receive transitional protection. People who have already moved to UC and lost their SDP are to receive additional payments – both backdated and on an ongoing basis – although these may not fully compensate individuals for the amounts lost. Draft regulations providing for these “SDP transitional payments” are currently before Parliament.


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    Yes but there's been no further announcements for when this will actually happen.
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    Ah thankyou once again @poppy123456. Well it's good news and hopefully they will follow it though soon.  Oh and is it also to be backdated to the date we started receiving  UC. I know it said it would be backdated. I just wasn't sure how far back this was for.