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help with video blog

mikeymike Member Posts: 40 Courageous

hi all I am new here and sent here by one of scopes kind advisors.

I am wanting to do a video blog thing talking about various topics relating to disability and where things to my mind are going wrong across the board, and I have no idea on what platform I am going to reach the largest audience and start to generate talk and if it inspires people to also take up the baton that would be an added bonus, if not then hopefully it will help to raise awareness. Then comes the next problem of me not having a clue of how to go about setting it all up my OT will try and help on that score but she admits she is as knowledgeable as me ie not a clue.

I myself am disabled suffering from a chronic pain disease along with a double dose of PTSD and been unable to work for the last 17 years now.

any advise would be greatly appreciated.

thank you



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