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Dance lessons

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Both DS and DD who are now 2 years old simply love to dance. I’ve decided that they are ready to start dancing tuition. Where do I find out more information? What style of dancing is recommended for little children? How do I find a good dance school in my area?
What sort of questions should I ask? Any names of dance teachers or schools will be appreciated. Also any tips are welcome thank you. Since there are loads of dance classes available on the market I am struggling to make a decision. How did you choose a dance class? 
How much does it cost? I am planning to look up dance studios online to see what they offer pupils and so on. I want to re enter the dance world as well. 
We have a old pair of ballet shoes from my childhood DD wears sometimes. I loved dancing when I was little. My mom used to pay for my dance lessons on Saturdays. I haven’t done much dancing in the past 3 years. Just the occasional dance in my apartment on the weekends.
Dancing is fun and social. 



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