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PIP Tribunal My Partner Won.

JoanneS Member Posts: 1 Listener
Ok I am writing this as my partner who is 47 and has many medical problems has been waiting for just over a year for his tribunal hearing for the Highest rate of PiP I am his full time carer as well, Prior to going over to PiP last year he was on both the highest levels for living allowance and mobility without any problems at all, we had a terrible interview for PIP not only when we got there were told that the person who was supposed to interview him was not there and was ill and they did not bother to contact us, but were told either we had to wait 2 hours for the interview or go home and have another appointment sent out, I did my nut on the spot can you imagine the stress this puts on people to actually go to these appointments without getting there finding parking and then to be informed what we were, anyhow we went away and waited 2 hours and returned, the lady we saw was rushed and basically did not listen to most of what my partner and myself explained to her about his medical conditions, Anyhow to cut a long story short we went away and waited, we then received the decision and were just dumb struck, yes he got the highest level for mobility but they dropped him down 3 points yes 3 points so he dropped out of the highest rate of living allowance down to the medium rate, I was fuming so we decided no we were not letting this lie and set about going down the lines of contesting the decision and go to tribunal, we were sent out forms to fill in which we did and sent them back.
Roll on 1 year later we finally got a court hearing assigned for the 9th of July 2019 we arrived at the court with plenty of time to spare and sat waiting, not a nice place to have to go, frankly we were sat with a lot of young people in tracksuits and trainers and us dressed up to the nines him in a suit me in a nice top and trousers, we felt over dressed. We were both so nervous, a lovely lady came out of the tribunal court and spoke to us, she really did her very best to try and make us feel ok about the whole thing, she explained what would happen that there would be the judge, a representative from disability and a Dr, she then informed us that DWP had not bothered to send anyone to the hearing, We went into the hearing on time and well everything went fantastic, the judge was not amused that DWP had not even bothered to show up and by the way he spoke to us he was rather shocked they had dropped 3 points so he could not get the highest rate, the Dr then asked us a few questions about some of the problems my partner has with his hands as he has arthritis in his hands and wrists as well as carpel tunnel in both hands. We thought they were going to ask him a lot of questions and had all paper work to back up everything we had said in our appeal documents, as it happens we did not need them. After asking us about his short term memory issues and his hands the Judge then said, ok I am stopping this here and I am informing you now I am over turning the decision made and he gave the date last year and then said I am awarding you the max levels for both mobility and living allowance. You can imagine how relieved we both were, it has been a long 2 years and yes I do mean 2 years, 1 year building up to PiP interview plus waiting on the decision, then another year living with his money dropped down and waiting for a tribunal hearing. We are now waiting on the Money DWP owe Him as it has been back dated to when He first went over to PIP. 
We are so glad this is all over with now and please if you are dropped down a level or declined your PIP first try and believe you have been mis-treated or the decision is wrong fight for your rights do not sit back and take it, they thrive on people's emotions and the fact you are disabled to not have to pay you what you are entitled to There is help and advise out there so seek out advise if you need it, I wish you all good luck in your battles to come.



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