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Nhs waste

KikaKika Member Posts: 17 Connected
I’m normally reasonably well organised with Will’s stock / supplies. This is a secondary space in the garage 🙄😱😬

Today is stock rotation day and to fill up Will’s supply cupboards, I have received my stock order for the month to find yet again more incorrectly supplied items!! 😤

I have just called the ordering team to say I have got items we don’t use and yet again been told to throw them away!

I am lost for words, could you imagine if I threw all of the items pictured away how much it would cost the nhs? 

Please please don’t throw items away recycle ♻️ where possible, share with other carer / parents, and let’s stop 🛑 this nhs throw away culture, before the nhs runs out of money 💰 

Pop items on marketplace, where you can give away surplus items, it’s totally free to register and use, lets us all do our bit to save our wonderful nhs 🥰 please note that you can not sell NHS supplied consumables - the idea is to prevent waste, not profit from erroneous deliveries!

Please share to everyone who uses products, then there is a option of what to do with items we are told to throw away. 


  • KikaKika Member Posts: 17 Connected
    Yesterday was time to do the family food shop! For the 4 members of her family that eat regular food it came as no great surprise when her bill totalled over £200.00! As is customary for a website Wednesday, this got our cogs turning: how much does Will’s cost? The difference is astronomical! Over a 12 month period, the family food shops total approximately £2,400. Will’s specialist feed costs £19,200!!! How can we ever be asked to throw it away? 😱🤔🙁 #foodwaste
  • Sam_AlumniSam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,729 Disability Gamechanger
    I use ostomy bags and feel the same, often I am sent boxes of bags to try and if they aren't right for me, they can't take the rest back and I'm told to throw them away. There are charities that take these and I have a big bag ready to send off as I cant bear the waste especially when I know there are people in the world who pay for these and are struggling to afford them!
    Senior online community officer
  • KikaKika Member Posts: 17 Connected
    Try marketplace.  Maybe someone needs them. We have lots of supplies on marketplace 
  • KikaKika Member Posts: 17 Connected
    The shocking realisation at the scale of countrywide wastage has really upset a lot of people, as It very much upset us ☹️
    In today's society, where we are encouraged to be mindful of our wastage, why do we need to throw away items which are in date, packaged, and we know someone else can use and are probably desperate for? 🤔
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