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Blue badge and pip

Just wanted to make other blue badge users aware that under pip you may not qualify for the blue badge. Tried to renew my daughters  she has held one since the age of 5 to find out the she no longer meets the requirements even though she has high rate motability component.  We live in croydon.


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    As a rule it has to be for the moving around component  8 or 12 points.

    There is another way that has been recently change for Mental Health, I'm not quite sure how that part works.

    Or you have an assessment with your Authority.

    I know many aren't happy.
    I created one of the campaign election videos for Labour, and Jeremy Corbyn,
    This is a new version of Emeli Sande, Hope "You Are Not Alone
    I highlighted everything that's wrong with this country from benefits, NHS, UC etc, but now we have to put up with the hate now that is the Tories. 

    You can see the video here.

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    Welcome to the community @tbromwell. Sorry to hear the application didn’t go your daughter’s way. But thanks for signing up and sharing with us. :smile:
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  • Chloe_Scope
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    Hi @tbromwell and a warm welcome to the community! I'm sorry to hear your daughter no longer qualified for one but thank you for sharing this with us :)

  • poppy123456
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    For those that live in England the new rules for those that scored points in following and planning a journey come into force on August 30th.

    However, to qualify for a badge under this criteria you must have score 10 points for Activity 11E (can not undertake any journey) If you scored 12 points in following and planning a journey then i'm afraid you still won't automatically qualify.

  • Pete2
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    You know what......this tory goverment are just s bunch of purile ****. As if disabled people dont have enough worry in life this tory goverment is hell bent on making sure you do. .....sorry rant over
  • stephenjohn
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    Pete 2. ,you have nailed  it ,this government are making disabled people look like leper’s in the community,it cost them so little for a blue badge but can mean so much to the person who has it ......the rule makers sit in their ivory tower on their vast salaries with their huge pension and look down on us as if we are worthless .......but I see so much abuse of this system also ,people using the badge as a free parking award ...who are clearly not the recipient of the award .......but not all disabilities are visible wife has N.E.S.S......which means she has frequent sudden blackouts but we can’t get a badge .......... 
  • david235
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    @stephenjohn - the underlying issue is not the cost of the Badge itself, nor the assessment and administration costs, but who should qualify for a Blue Badge. There are so many people who can put up some sort of argument for a parking concession. The scheme has grown to the point where there are now some 3 million Badges.

    I am not familiar with NESS and cannot figure out what the acronym means, though I am guessing the last S might be syncope. If you look at the criteria for discretionary eligibility for a Blue Badge, it is possible to get a Badge on the basis you are a significant risk to yourself (or others) near vehicles, in traffic or car parks. If you can put up a case that your wife's blackouts leave her at significant risk of being hurt near vehicles, in car parks and so on then it might be possible to argue for a Badge on this ground. However there is no broader entitlement to a Badge based on frequent loss of consciousness.
  • exdvr
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    Pete2 said:
    You know what......this tory goverment are just s bunch of purile ****. As if disabled people dont have enough worry in life this tory goverment is hell bent on making sure you do. .....sorry rant over

    You got it in need to apologize for a relatively minor rant.  One of the most prosperous, caring, civilised societies on the planet yet this government want to cut, cut, and cut again while they sit in their ivory towers wondering how to privatise everything in order to line their own pockets.  That's my contribution to your rant, sorry.   Do you ever watch Waiting for God on the telly?  Diana has the right attitude.  DLTBGYD. 

    Best wishes.



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