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The big 'what you need to sort for starting University' list

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It's that time of year again where a new batch of freshers are about to start a whole new chapter of their lives and move away from home to University. But what on earth should they be taking with them? Take a look at our Community guide to what to take to Uni. Please add your own suggestions and tips too!

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This can be a daunting and expensive list of things, but look around for student deals, second hand and ask friends and family if they have anything to donate.

Bedding, pillows, duvet, blanket, mattress protector

TV, laptop, phone, chargers, extension cable

Plates, bowls, mugs, glasses, cutlery, kitchen utensils, chopping boards, can opener, scissors, lasagne dish, colander

Tea-towels, towels, bedside lamp, rug, bath mat, toilet brush, dirty washing bag, door stop, hangers

Box of cleaning products, washing powder, wipes, toilet cleaner, toilet rolls

Pegs, air dryers

Saucepans, frying pan, slow cooker, sandwich toaster

Food – tinned soup, sauces, pasta, rice, tomato ketchup, tinned fruit, beer and Uni Cook Book, box of chocolates to greet and make new friends

Stationery – pens, pads, highlighters, filing unit, desk tidy

Clothes – Coat, waterproof, sports gear etc

First Aid kit – paracetamol, ibuprofen, plasters, resolve, imodium, germaline, deep heat


Tool kit

student desk

Other things to think about

Student bank account

Look into Disabled Student Allowance

Is the student a young carer or someone with caring responsibilities? If so, check out this advice from UCAS.

Vaccinations (MenACWY) and MMR – make sure all boosters and vaccinations are up to date

Official documents – medical records, passport, driving licence

Find out where their nearest GP surgery is and get them registered as soon as they can.

Find out about medical care as a student

If the student has regular medication or treatment, then sort this with their doctors/clinics as early as possible

TV Licences

Bills - Electric, Gas, Water, Internet

Thanks to @Debbie_Scope for lots of the items in our list, my son is starting university this year and it was a huge help to me in packing and buying for him! Our @Chloe_Scope has also written a great blog post about preparing for university as a disabled student, so do head over and have a read. Let us know your thoughts. What other items would you recommend students take? Do you have any hints or tips to starting Uni? 

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