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Pip waiting time. For a desistion after assessment

Joe_a1984qJoe_a1984q Member Posts: 1 Listener
I had my assessment back in June and still waiting for desistion. Dwp keep telling me different time scale before I hear anything back. Last week they said up to 8 weeks from the date they receive the report and this week they said normal wait time is six weeks from them getting the report and as it's been five weeks since they received it I challenged them to say so it should be next week by the time I get to hear back and then they said could be longer than the six weeks. Has anyone else been in this situation before. 


  • cristobalcristobal Member Posts: 966 Disability Gamechanger
    edited July 2019
    @Joe_a1984q...there are lots of posts on here similar to yours.

    Not very helpful to you I'm afraid...the consensus seems to be "as long as it takes" from 2-3 weeks upwards to 12 weeks +...best just to wait until you get a letter.

    You can request a copy of the assessor's report which often helps getting an idea what has been recommended...

  • Adrian_ScopeAdrian_Scope Testing team Posts: 7,953

    Scope community team

    Hi @Joe_a1984q. Unfortunately, there's no set time limit. Every estimate they give you is just a guide and it depends largely on the backlog in the respective area. In our experience, the typical wait time can be around 12 weeks.

    Fingers crossed you hear back soon though!

    Have you asked for a copy of the report? This might give you some indication as to what the decision will be.
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  • scape03scape03 Member Posts: 29 Courageous
    I think the waiting times are getting longer. I applied 14th Dec and had a home assessment on 1st Mar (I think you wait longer for home assessments so not too bad really). Got my report through a week later (she sat outside my house for over about an hour - presumably typing it up) which indicated no award. I then starting compiling MR and when I got official decision sent it off before deadline of 14th April. I was told it would take 3 to 6 weeks. Finally got a phone call last week to say my MR had been successful, so it actually took around 14 weeks. Went onto my online banking today and have had back payment put in but still no decision letter, haven't got a clue when monthly payments will start. Hope this helps!
  • AhhBistoAhhBisto Member Posts: 48 Courageous
    There is no rules with deadlines unfortunately.

    My partners so far.

    Applied pip 21st December 2018
    Paperwork received by DWP 3rd Jan 2019 + 13 Days
    Appointment 20th March 2019 + 76 Days
    0 Point Decision 5th June 2019 + 77 Days
    MR confirmed 13th June 2019 + 8 Days
    Still waiting + 41 days

    Total so far 215 Days

    However I've been informed of people with same condition as partner are getting PIP in just 5 weeks as it should be paper based. It literally depends on the potential imbeciles in charge of your case

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