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Catch 22

Good evening all, I hope yesterday's heat was manageable and not too debilitating. All I can say is thank goodness for my electric fan.

I'm after some advice. I'm 49 years old and due to a bad accident 7 years ago I'm, like alot of people, am surviving on benefits. Thing is, due to my injuries and the consequences of them I am unable to bare weight on my left leg and due to my frequent what I call "wibbly wobbly' episodes where I collapse like a lead balloon at a moments notice, I've been unable to exercise. The result is my weight has rocketed to 25 stone and I've developed type 2 diabetes.
My GP has recommended I get a cross - trainer as I could exercise safety and without having to put too much pressure on my leg. Unfortunately, as with alot of people, I'm living hand to mouth, I'm surviving and not whingeing but there's certainly no money for a cross - trainer.
So does anyone know of any agency, organisation or charity that I could apply for a grant to help me with the cost or donation of a CT. If you do please let me know. 
I hope I haven't offended anyone by giving the impression of begging or the such because this certainly isn't that. 
First time I've joined the community, hope I haven't posted inappropriately. 
Thanks for your time in reading this and thank you Scope for the platform. 
Cheers, Chris 


  • April2018mom
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    Seconded. Contact them for advice.

    In terms of exercise, these are the NHS guidelines for adults with or without impairments.
    Additionally there are fitness books out there. Go to your local library or bookshop. Are you a gym member or not? If so I recommend seeing what exercise classes are on offer for members. Start slow and then increase gradually. You can even find exercise plans online too. Have a look.
    Alternatively use YouTube.
    When you are at home search for exercise workout videos. Additionally you can swim at your local leisure centre or go on short walks alone. Other popular forms of exercise are tennis and badminton. Have you ever played beach football or cricket? You should aim for 1-2 hours each day. Gardening is a type of exercise. 
    Buy some resistance bands from Amazon. Use them often. 
    Also join a pilates or yoga class. What about hockey or rugby? On trips to the beach, we love swimming and football. What sports do you enjoy? You could try to see if there are exercise clubs for disabled people.
    Where do you live? Definitely use the Internet. Gymnastics and rowing are also sports worth trying. Are you a fast runner? If so look for a local athletics club.
    How big is your home? You could either invest in a stationary bike or a trampoline. Do you live near a park? Parks are community spaces. My local park is home to tennis courts and monkey bars plus a old trimtrail I loved when I was little. Check out sites like freecycle. People sell unwanted old exercise equipment on there. My local library keeps a limited number of exercise DVDs. Find out if you have any horse riding stables near you. I know that RDA do horse riding classes for disabled people. I am thinking of signing my son up for it. There is a local stable near me. 
    What about cycle tracks? This is another way of getting exercise and having fun. Try dancing. I hope that I have helped you. 
  • exdvr
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    You can sometimes find that a life insurance company offers long term customers a payment from their charitable funds to help out in situations such as yours. I'm very fortunate in that LV helped me in buying mobility equipment.   Worth a try.

    Best wishes.



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