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Upcoming pip assessment.To whom do you report an assessor to? thinking ahead

Hartley Posts: 114 Courageous
Truly do not trust the assessors/Capita at all!

And do not have a recorder to record the interview nor have anyone to come with me...
Will be alone with a selectively hearing ,agenda driven assessor..

Ive had one PIP last year and youve all heard it before...but they lied multiple time..even the mandatory lied ...So how do they keep getting away with it? and changing the evidence ?

Therefore...thinking ahead!   who do you report them to?


  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 28,452 Disability Gamechanger

    You report them to the health assessment providers.

    Think positive because not all HCPs are bad despite everything we read. I've yet to have a bad HCP for both ESA and PIP and my daughters PIP assessor was also really nice. Remember we only ever read the bad stories.

    You're assessment this time maybe completely different and you could just have a positive experience with a positive outcome.
  • Opus
    Opus Posts: 47 Courageous

    Its possible...but im merely talking from my previous experience....it wasnt just one lie..it was multiple.
    but thanks for the health assessment providers.....do you know what can be achieved by this?

    Do they actually take note?
  • worried33
    worried33 Member Posts: 411 Pioneering
    edited August 2019
    Also they get audited, and auditors have the power to order descriptors get changed, so I think its not all cut and dry in that regard.

    Of all the reports I have for my ESA/PIP/DLA assessments, my ESA one's usually are of higher standard in integrity.

    My DLA assessment report was a complete story of fiction, claims I had to walk up 3 steps to get in my front door, and a 20m distance to the road, plus a claim that because I walked a few metres to my chair it meant I could reliably, repeatedly, and without pain walk 200m.  That report was so bad I managed to discredit it, within a few minutes at tribunal simply by taking a picture of my front door, and drawing to scale my flat and its surroundings.

    My more recent PIP report is much better, this time no personal rude comments on it from the HCP, it is written with some accuracy although some key points got omitted which probably lost me 2 descriptors.  His assessment on walking distance is optimistic, but he didnt claim I could do 200m, and I respect that descriptor is tough to assess on.  I suspect one descriptor was removed during audit, as they will have "correctly" assumed I wont fight the loss of SRM, saves a bit of money.

    My IB/ESA reports before I used to get them recorded were very bad, full of mistruth's all over the place. IB was especially bad.  After I started getting them recorded the standard has shot up, but they still consistently make the mistake of assessing me as using a wheelchair when I should be exempt, overuled twice by DM's on that without even a reconsideration (DM's did off own back).
  • Opus
    Opus Posts: 47 Courageous

    Nice reply,and very interesting!

    Its a naughty business really....is it a subliminal ethos...that runs through this system?

    No outright laminated memo..but a subtle...."give as little as you can...even if you ..ermmmm should want to change the stories a wee bit"

  • Opus
    Opus Posts: 47 Courageous
    edited August 2019

    The issue i have is ,i'll be living alone soon ,for the first time in 51yrs...
    Lots in my bag of conditions and the inability to repetitively do anything of self note...ie Could not walk to  shop and carry shopping...i would genuinely have to starve..

    but they'll never really know me...im just another punter with real reasons..

    The assessors are soured and surely have a subconscious disdain towards the ill....the wording...the descriptions...its like a black syrup...ive met a nurse from the Whittingdon Hospital Holloway London...

    The things she told me...would make me shiver in fear if i ever ended up in her ward..

    Shes got 4 years left until shes 55 to retire....i hope only she leave alone,without taking any patients with her...it was shocking to hear the effect of dealing with mankind at is worst day in week out year in..decades on had o her...

    she has  a tremendous loathing and real hate for the generally ill ...And when i checked her on  this fact, she could instantly recount without a skip..the verbal platitudes of her duty towards the public.." blah blah blah...Hippocratic oath blah blah" seemed completely convincing...even convinced herself...if you didnt know what a complete %%^^£££ she was!

    Obviously i dont base the entire NHS...but coupled with my own experiences...it doesnt paint a rosy picture!

    When the orwellian agenda 21 & 30 really kicks in....you'll witness people at their breaking point...

    Youve got Jeffery Epstein conveniently suicided...taking maybe all the names with him...

    Its the people that can guarantee your passport you should always keep an eye on....Sceptic ?  Nah!.

    Ive known police to plant & steal drugs.....Prison officers with cocaine habits..

    This world is corrupt from  top to bottom..
  • Government_needs_reform
    Government_needs_reform Member Posts: 859 Pioneering
    edited August 2019
    Capita plc Employee Reviews for Disability Assessor

    Have a read of what some of the assessors have to say. It will make your eyes boggle.

    Here is one that stick out, there plenty more in the link below.

    I was briefly a DA - it is a job of extremes, with about 10% thriving on it and 90% being in the most miserable place mentally and emotionally they've ever been in their life. 

    Training is a little hard but fun, with a cohort starting at the same time. You make some friends, and it is paid - a good salary. 5 weeks easily passed. 

    There are essentially 3 variants of the job. 
    1) Paper-based, where someone's dependence is obvious, from records and medical notes. Boring, but easy money if you're IT literate. 

    2) Mainly clinic-based - you stay in clinic and people come to you. You listen to their tales and look for EVIDENCE of what they tell you. Their diagnosis is irrelevant in and of itself; independence, or specifically evidence of it, is what is assessed. This is not pleasant, basically because nearly everyone lies though their teeth to you and is clearly obvious, but you can bear it and write the report and be home before typical working hours would usually allow. HOWEVER very few areas allow you this - 90% are not this lucky.

    3) Mainly (read, almost always) home visits. This is mental, physical, and emotional torture. The day is not 9-5pm. Read, 7:30am - 10pm to assess and submit reports. Some of reports will be returned to you by daily audit for 6 months (!), so next day you will have 7:30am-10pm PLUS amendments. Rinse and repeat. The actual assessment will be 5% people who ought never to have required an assessment, i.e. terminally ill or not compus mentis. >90% will be blatant, ill-informed liars who attempt to emotionally blackmail you - as a AHP, this is so, so obvious - not least when you meet these supposed 'invalids' playing tennis at a local club or out for a days' shopping... again, none of these clowns are informed enough to realise that clear EVIDENCE of DEPENDENCE is what is being assessed - diagnosis is completely and utterly irrelevent. Further, the audits will (apparently arbitrarily, though very occasionally logically) require you to change your report, and by default that will possibly change that person's award.

    You MUST do this, if audit demands it, to emphasise that a person was basically lying. IF someone gets a lower award than previously (which they will, it being PIP, not DLA, and therefore actually representative of how they are affected - i.e. not very) YOU are challenged, and complaints filed against, despite nearly always the decision reflecting the requirements of the audit, not your actual report. Despite attacks on these fronts, it remains that:

    you have to tolerate an hour of a person's lying and aggression (in their home, usually rough and/or intimidating) 3-4 times a day, arrive home when hours ought to be finished, only to start approx 4-5 hours solid of typing, to have this rejected and returned, and ultimately a complaint filed against you when you finally get it submitted. This, considering what you are actually outputting is FACTUALLY CORRECT - the vast majority who are on PIP are neither entitled to it nor in need of it, and they are bitter when this is evidenced. 
    Of all the take-aways from this, it is the revelation of the nature of the clients that made me most miserable - a corporate, cold, 'you-are-expendable' management I get, considering they pay well, and it is nothing new. However, the truth-tellers (DA assessors) are those who suffer unbearably whilst liars (almost the entirety of the supposed dependents) are trod carefully around and either re-assessed with minimal difference or ignored. 

    TL:DR - management don't care a fig. Job is utter torture, unless you land on your feet with location. It is only those lucky few who hae a hope of progression. Clients are >90% verifiable, clinically and medically inconsistent, aggressive liars who will ensure you are complained against for telling the truth, so they get an extra £10 a week. This latter, and the >80 hour weeks means it's 100-1 you won't last 6 months. 

    What I learned: Most PIP dependents are liars. Most managers don't care.  less
    Salary, some good friends who left same time as me
    Aggressive lying clients, unreasonable management, physically impossible hours, mental health, poor equipment, no help


    I created one of the campaign election videos for Labour, and Jeremy Corbyn,
    This is a new version of Emeli Sande, Hope "You Are Not Alone
    I highlighted everything that's wrong with this country from benefits, NHS, UC etc, but now we have to put up with the hate now that is the Tories. 

    You can see the video here.

  • Hartley
    Hartley Posts: 114 Courageous

    Ruddy nora!...that was even mild but much appreciated for the heads up and reconfirmation of what ive come to know..

    Its truly shocking...!  They'll never see me walk a dog...go to the gym....walk anywhere of note...and often have the aged swan past me often while i huff and puff...

    Im not being defeatist but i know what im up against....i dont smoke...drink....no recreational drugs..i dont go out!  dont need the extra money to ponce on anything other than the real need for mobility..and some home help..

    My ex partner is my only friend(i think i can call her that  ?) shes a good girl really and shes been there for me...but she can no longer look after me..we're splitting up after 19yrs and our son is 18yrs old Autistic very limited bless him..vacant seizures and now Epilepsy..evening type!  Was told literally by the Russian Neurologist at Bedford" due to this being an evening grand mel, there is a very real chance he could die"/.i wont go into how she said this fully infront of him..

    but ,my ex needs to rightly focus on our son and i have a daughter 16yrs old with emotional issues.

    Im bidding on 1 bed bungalows...whos going to look after me?  no family..father dead..although i hadnt spoken to him since 1990;...mother and sister are a gaggle of witches(i think 2 witches constitute a gaggle) disowned me in 1986..

    When i say im literally alone..no violins...i am literally alone..with very real needs..

    And i just know these ££$$%% ers will bypass me in a blink...Capita!
  • Government_needs_reform
    Government_needs_reform Member Posts: 859 Pioneering
    @Hartley you most welcome there's a couple of thousand reviews regarding Capita.

    Touch wood I've never had a Face to Face all been Paper Based I just sent all the right paperwork and it's well documented.

    Here is a couple more from that link. It will keep you all busy for hours reading it.

    I created one of the campaign election videos for Labour, and Jeremy Corbyn,
    This is a new version of Emeli Sande, Hope "You Are Not Alone
    I highlighted everything that's wrong with this country from benefits, NHS, UC etc, but now we have to put up with the hate now that is the Tories. 

    You can see the video here.

  • Hartley
    Hartley Posts: 114 Courageous
    edited August 2019

    Thats your experience....people do often,and i mean often experience very real disdain and contempt from assessors.

    And the tugging on the fingers...what on earth is that about?...by that same logic..

    i say.can lift 100ibs...once....could i then do that for an entire 5 minutes? 10?   2 hrs..

    It(the system) is designed to allow the house to win...

    its rigged...not sure why you say what you do...but rightfully so...its your experience...others have differing experiences...


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